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How do you eat a bunny?

Asked by janbb (59167points) April 14th, 2017

Chocolate ones, I mean. Do you start at the ears and work your way down? Do you feel the feet need to go first? Maybe you gouge out the eyes so it won’t see you eating it. I always feel a bit heartless when eating one although I start at the ears to keep the body intact for as long as possible. What’s your style?

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Ears first. Absolutely. Then the mouth so I can’t hear the screams.

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I break off the feet so they can’t run away. I have some hearing loss so the screams don’t bother me.

Eating the mouth is last so I can get chocolatey kisses.

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Just pretend they are pieces of chocolate and eat them like pieces of chocolate. Chocolate can’t feel ~

Man, I remember seeing a similar question when I was a newbie. I was such a naive brat back then. You are making me nostagic @janbb

And I just realized that you were the one who asked the same question back then :P Could it mean something?

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Ears first. Always.

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@Mimishu1995 At least my existential issues are pretty consistent!

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I haven’t had one in so long that I can’t really remember exactly how I eat them. I like the hollow ones best, I think I kind of smash them in my hand and then eat it in bits and pieces in no particular order. I should get one as a refresher.

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Definitely ears first and slowly. You have to savour those sweet, chocolaty ears.

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It’s been awhile. Uh… I think I ate the ears first. Unless the “bunny” had candy eyes. Then , I ate those first. Maybe I’ll buy one this year for me…

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I’m a devout vegetarian—i do not eat bunnies of any sort.

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Nose first

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