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What type of leader would the smartest person ever be? (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18820points) April 18th, 2017

Hypothetically. If the smartest person ever was elected, or forced to be a world leader, would they be a good leader?

Would they be too smart to make decisions we would deem ethical?

Would they be a good leader, or bad?


Should people ,like the POTUS, have to be a “genius?”

Would the world be a better place, if only geniuses ran everything?

Would there be more war, or less?

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1) What genius? There are more types of a genius. Do you refer to Tesla genius, or Dali genius, or Dostoevsky genius, or Hendricks genius or Bruce Lee genius or…

2) Political opinions, that a president needs, have nothing to do with intelligence. Dali was a genius, but he was also a massive sexist. Tesla was kind of a dick to women too, and had difficulty functioning normally with all his obsessions and phobias.. Dostoevsky was quite religious in his later life which, of course, affected his views.
Knowing that, would you like any of them to be the president?

Being smart, while needed, is not the only criteria a president needs.
Putin is smart too, but that doesn’t mean he is the desirable president material.

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It’s a toss up. One of the smartest people I ever met was a horrible decision maker. I will say though that dumb leaders are universally shitty at what they do.

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I’d like to add that not a single person we’ve ever called genius has ever wanted to seize power, be a leader, or even spend time on politics in any way.

It may tell something.

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Heh, the problem is not one of intellect. It is one of decency. Bill Clinton was smart, what the fuck did he do except make it harder for Yanks to get welfare and then send jobs to Mexico? Cheney was smart, and he killed half a million people for no good reason. Obama is smart and…er…what did he do, again? No, intellect has little to do with being a good leader—smart or stupid, scum is scum.

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Jimmy Carter was brilliant, and honest, and caring, and a lousy President. One of his faults was he micro managed many things. He was not a good leader.

There are stories of Bill Gates in the early years would go into where people were working on the next release of DOS, and he would get furious over their lack of progress, send everyone home and stay up all night coding and fixing. Brilliant people do not tolerate lesser skills easily.

Leadership is a motivational style and skill all its own, and the best leaders are the ones with the best advisers and subordinates that they trust and to whom they give a lot of latitude to succeed.

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About the same as any other. I have seen and met many people with mega smarts but they had no common sense.
@ThePigman I guess if it takes one to know one, then it must take scum to know scum. (I know it, I’m a poet!)

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Good points all.

@Sneki95 , I know that super smart people don’t engage in politics, that’s why I said “or forced” in the details section. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to be a world leader…

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Emotionless Artificial Intelligence.

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I think it wouldn’t matter if the smartest person in the world was President because Congress would still block any progress like they did to Obama.
Also a truely smart person know’s that in order to kill terrorists you have to live with collateral damage.
Every time we drop a bomb or do any kind of air strike there will likely be some innocent civilian casualties.
I don’t know what thoughtful person would want the job of ordering those strikes?
I imagine President Obama probably needed a drink every once in a while to deal with it.
Trump on the other hand seems like he’s just itching to play with his bombs.

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