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Do sumo wrestlers have health problems because of diet and weight?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (11850points) April 19th, 2017

What is a typical diet of a sumo wrestler?

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All kinds of info here on Sumo:

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I’m sure they do.

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@jca Chankonabe sounds good. Maybe I should see if I can get paid to eat too.

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Depends on age. Amazing the crap you can get away with when you are young. Once they go past 35, though, i’m sure their blood pressure becomes a problem. Possibly also cholesterol, depending on what they eat to get that fat. Traditionally it was some sort of special stew, these days it’s probably donuts and fried cheese.

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They get obese on purpose, which means they pay attention to what they eat. Besides that, they are sportmen, and are thus physically very active and agile. Despite their looks, they are quite fast and strong.

I think they are in very good health, but may have some problems when they get older, as
@ThePigman says.

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Interesting facts about sumo wrestlers.

According to that article they live about 10 years less than average.

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