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Why do people scream so loud during concerts?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11751points) April 25th, 2017

I have a movie of the Beatles during a concert. The audio was enhanced on it, but even then you could hardly hear anything because the girls were screaming so loud. I get showing enthusiasm, but screaming and shouting so loud you can’t hear the music you paid for? Some of those tickets aren’t cheap. I’m not just referring to Beatles concerts, but to any concert. Seems like they can’t enjoy the music and/or are preventing others from enjoying it.

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That was a mid-60s teen age phenomenon, I don’t see (hear) people doing it now. It kind of went out of style by the time of the Summer of Love in 1967.

Do it now and you’ll get kicked out for ruining the concert for everyone else.

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Oh, we still screamed at Donny Osmond concerts in the early 70’s. It’s a kid thing. You’re just so excited to be that close to the love of your life. You just follow the crowd’s lead.

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It was and is mass hysteria, something teenagers are prone to when in the presence of their idos. Very silly but not uncommon.

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I was once at a Jethro Tull concert and Ian was playing the intro to Thick as a Brick on his little acoustic guitar that he uses. Some asshole was shrieking and whistling somewhere in the back and Ian looked up and said, “Shut up!”

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I’ve never really noticed an issue with this at any concert I’ve been to, but then I don’t really see bands that teenage girls lose their shit over.

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I’ve been to several metal shows where people lose their shit with mosh pits and everything. But the music is so goddamn loud that you can’t hear them. I stay away from the mosh pits as I am not an idiot.

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@Rarebear in the mid-90s I was in the center of many mosh pits. My testosterone is a bit lower these days.

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I think that it is partially cultural due to the region of the performance and specifically cultural to the general reaction of the audience. For example, there have been performers who report that they give the same show in different regions or countries and get vastly different audience reactions.

When it comes to an individual performance, there are a couple of factors that may come into play. Hysteria or competitiveness come to mind. Possibly self-induced peer pressure.

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They scream that loud to try to get the guy who is doing those ear-splitting whistles to stop.

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Celine Dion carved a career out of it

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From the excitement

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