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What is your favorite song that lasts over 15 minutes.

Asked by Rarebear (25172points) April 25th, 2017

Not classical. I’m talking rock or jazz.

My favorite is Nine Feet Underground by Caravan. Plenty of live and recorded versions on Youtube.

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Unless it is classical, I wouldn’t want a song to last that long.

Also, I can’t even think of any. I’m not thrilled with drum solos or screechy jazz improvisation.

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@Rarebear You can’t tell me what to like and what not to like that’s over 15 minutes! I have a right to like what I want, and if it’s classical, then you can jump in a lake!

I like Mozart’s Jupiter symphony.

There! Take that!

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“Light My Fire” by the Doors; the long version. Oh my, if that doesn’t get you off, nothing will.

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@janbb I honestly don’t think I remember the long version of that song. I just know the regular one.

@Hawaii_Jake Not telling you what to like or not like. It’s just that symphonies are all longer than 15 minutes and I am interested in long form rock or jazz songs for this question.

@Kardamom Nine Feet Underground has no drum solos. There is, however, a lot of keyboards. Here is a decent version of it.

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@Rarebear Here you go . Actually only 7 minutes but it feels like longer.

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Fate’s Warning, Pleasant Shade of Grey

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I don’t know any 15-minute songs, but I know a 13 minute one (13:44 to be exact)
John Coltrane’s cover of “My Favorite Things”
I love every second of it.

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Well there’s a lot of stuff I listen to that’s basically a full album consisting of one single 45 or 50 or 60 (whatnot) track. But to pick something not that extreme, something that’s lengthy, but one track off an album with other tracks I’m gonna go with…..

BBF3 – by Godspeed You Black Emperor (off Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada).

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Iron Butterfly “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” Time: 17:05

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this one
well, technically, it is a 2 hour loop.

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Kraftwerk – Autobahn

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@Seek I’m putting it on right now. I’m at work and looking for new stuff to listen to. I had completely forgotten about Fates Warning.
@ragingloli You suck.
@ucme I love Kraftwerk.

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I don’t know all that many, without casting my mind back to the 70s, which was not really my era anyway. So, I’ll leave this one, which I do love, but haven’t listened to in years:

The Tain by The Decemberists. Wow, I’d forgotten how good the video is. Shadow puppet war is hell.

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“Jammin”- Clapton & Santana 24:44

“Bitches Brew”- Miles Davis 26:59

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Love Miles

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Iron Butterfly’s “In a Goddadavida.”

I saw them in concert and the drum solo was spectacular. I could feel it in my chest.

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This one you will like. If you’re not familiar check out the whole album then the rest of the progressive psychedelic rabbit hole.
Right now the album winters gate by Insomnium which is basically a 45 min song.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Germany makes some really interesting prog music

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@Brian1946 I recently bought Bitches Brew, but found it too abrasive. I prefer Kind of blue.

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I always liked American Pie, but I think it’s just 8 minutes. Still pretty long.

Harry Chapin’s live version of 30,000 Pounds of Bananas used to crack me up when I was little. I still enjoy it. I think that was 12 minutes. I think I could still sing every word along with it.

Edit: here is the link for 30,000 Pounds of Bananas in case you don’t know it.

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I have always liked a lot of the work by Yes, whether full albums (I might have worn out the vinyl for Tales from Topographic Oceans as a teenager) or some of their longer pieces, but I don’t have any specific tracks or times right now.

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And now I’m wondering how I could have forgotten Jethro Tull and Thick As A Brick and Small Faces’ Ogden’s Nut-Gone Celebrated Flake Tobacco. That one may have been an acquired taste, and just because at the time I was still new to being pleasantly stoned from time to time. I make no excuses.

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@CWOTUS I thought of “Yes” too and particularly “Roudabout” but I checked and while long, it wasn’t 15 minutes. I always liked them back in the day as well.

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I also really like the 12” extended version of New Order’s classic Blue Monday but that’s kinda cheating & also comes up short at 14:45…but still

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@CWOTUS @janbb Yes does have longer songs. Tull’s TaaB is probably my second favorite.

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I’m an big Grateful Dead fan, and any of their live recordings almost by definition would include 20–40 minute jams that may be one song or a medley of two or three. “Dear Mr. Fantasy/Hey Jude” is one such jam. Most live recorded versions track anywhere from 11 to 16 minutes.

Something completely different for the Dead is Terrapin Station Medley. It tracks at 16:23. It’s unusual for the Dead because it’s a highly produced and orchestrated piece, and, as far ad I know, has never been completely performed by the band, or any of the spinoffs since Garcia’s passing.

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^^ I totally forgot about terrapin station

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Also a pianist by tbe name of Holly Bowling has performed a piano transcription pf Terrapin Station that tracks at a whopping 20:35. She has done a number of Grateful Dead transcriptions for piano.

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@Seek Ayreon’s new album The Source was just released today. It’s fantastic.

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@Rarebear Do you mean this one?

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OK, I’ve never listened to this band before but I click the link and get James LaBrie in my ear so I’ll give it a bash.

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@seek, it’s not a “band” per see. Ayreon is an ongoing project by Arjen Anthony Lucassen where he gets guest musicians to play his music. Every album has different musicians (except the drummer who is the same) and each one has a different sound. Arjen plays the keyboards and the guitars but he gets guest vocals violinists, cellists, woodwinds, etc.

He has done other projects as well. Stream of Passion, Gentle Storm, Star One, Gentle Storm, and others. But Ayreon is his baby. It’s very geeky. The last album was about the search for the Grand Unification Theory.

I actually flew to Amsterdam to see him perform with Gentle Storm.

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You could always just play Worakls’ Bleu twice in a row, or more.

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Then there’s always Billy the Mountain by The Mothers of Invention!

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I listened to a live version of Dire Straits’ Telegraph Road recently that came in at nearly 14 minutes. Of course, part of the time is the lead-in and crowd applauding at the end, but still ..

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I never heard a song that lasts over 15 minutes

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@sone Welcome to Fluther! You should click on some of the links above and see hear what you have been missing.

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I’m just now listening to Alice’s Restaurant… which may or may not qualify as “a song”, but it is over 15 minutes long.

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In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by the Iron Butterfly. 17 minutes.

I saw them in concert 45+ years ago and can still feel the beat of the drummer. When he started his solo the other musicians walked around him, slowly put down their instruments and sat on the floor. His sweat was flying as he pounded those drums and the lights lit the drops up like fireworks.

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100 bottles of beer on the wall.

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Also -

Genesis – Supper’s Ready

(The only period of Genesis that was worth a crap, when Peter Gabriel was the frontman and Phil Collins kept his ass behind the drum kit.)

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