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What would you do if you found out after you accepted a job that the amount of overtime is a lot more than what you discussed in the interview?

Asked by chinchin31 (1840points) April 30th, 2017

Okay so I accepted a job that looks good on paper. Yes we discussed overtime in the interview but now I am finding out that in reality it is a lot more that we discussed. I honestly feel deep down inside that I will quit if it keeps up like this. Any advice ? Would you a) just stick it out until the contract ends and then say you don’t want to renew the contract or would you confront it upfront and have a discussion with them.

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I would discuss it first. Then if it didn’t change anything, don’t renew the contract.

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You started the job already? Do people at work say this quantity of overtime is typical or is it just temporary due to something unforeseen (like someone else leaving the job or a big order)?

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Check with the employer if it’s temporary phase or will continue for long. You can always discuss and try to find an alternative.

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Sounds a lot like an assistant store manager. Forty hours a week and every waking hour for paperwork and covering absent members of the team.

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Discuss it and remind them of your agreement.
If it is specified in your contract, remind them of that.
But be prepare to be told to “suck it up or quit”, because as an employee you do not have any leverage.
that is why unions are so vital

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What the others have pointed out and if it continues you can always say the job was misrepresented to you in the interview.

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I know you have a new baby too, so that’s not good for your family either. @chinchin31, this happened to me when I took this job. I really wanted the job but the workload they imposed on me in one part of my job meant I couldn’t fulfil my contractual requirements in the two other parts. So I spoke to my boss. He ignored me and made excuses. So I started putting it in writing. This gave me evidence to show I’d challenged the inequality I was facing when the end of my probationary period arrived. I also logged everything I did so I could provide evidence of the ridiculous amount of work they’d given me.

Are you still on probation? Why are you having to do so much overtime? Start writing down what you’re having to do and why it’s taking more than your set hours. Is this overtime paid or unpaid? And go back over your contract and look for evidence of what you were contracted to do and how that compares to what you are having to do.

What sort of work are you doing? Are there plenty of other jobs for you to go after? Is this standard practice for your field? The reality is, if there aren’t many jobs in your field, you might find the same would be true if you changed jobs (that was my situation), so you might be better trying to fix things here rather than ‘jumping from the frying pan into the fire’ as they say. I’m not sure of your situation though.

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I’d ask them if they are prepared to offer me a large cash advance. And I am prepared to accept it.

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First and foremost do you enjoy the work? And right behind that, how badly do you need the money?

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I always try to find out what the turnover rate is like. That tells you what you need to know. In this situation I would stick it out while I’m looking for something else.

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I don’t badly need the job. I enjoy the work but if the hours are extreme I cannot continue in it. It is a major deciding factor. To @ARE_you_kidding_me—- yes I am starting to feel now like they have a high turnover from talking to other people . Management tells me don’t listen to others. To form my own opinion. But often I feel in a workplace, when many people are saying things to you in private about the company that usually mean it is true.

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“Management tells me don’t listen to others”
Red flag

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^^ absolutely!

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