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Opinions on Salad Fingers?

Asked by AmIMoreThanYouBargainedForYet (279points) May 3rd, 2017

Do you think Salad Fingers is creepy, funny, strange etc? Do you have any theories on what is happening in his world and who he really is?

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It is a failed meme.

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You ask your question in the present tense, you ought to ask in the past tense, and tag it as History.

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It’s nice. Loved the show when I saw it.

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That is an old youtube fad.

Gave me nightmares.

He has some mental disorder (probably)

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@SergeantQueen He just loved rusty things…

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I prefer the theory behind it than the actual show.

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If you found fingers in your salad, get your money back and sue. That’s disgusting.

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@Sneki95 He had an orgasm every time he touched rusty things

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The creature is a thief. It came into my dreams one umpleasant night and stole spoons from my kitchen drawer.

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I had not heard of Salad Fingers until this question. I watched the first episode and part of the second until I decided I was not enjoying it at all and I had already wasted enough time. I closed the link and moved on.

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I never heard of it before

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@sone Good. Keep it that way.

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