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Do you still read a Sunday newspaper?

Asked by BarbieM (509points) August 10th, 2008

A lot of people ge news off the Internet now, but I still love a Sunday paper. I read 2 or 3 each Sunday. What do you do?

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Every Sunday. I like it for local news and sports.

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I read everyday, can’t get local stuff of the net a lot.

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Not regularly. I find I am reading the parts that are not really news, anyway, like the comics. If there is something going on that I am concerned about, I will pick up a paper especially for that. Sometimes I miss hanging out with the paper sometimes.

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I don’t anymore because I work on Sundays now. I miss it, however. More for the ritual than anything else. When I was a kid, we’d walk to the corner store to pick up some groceries and the Sunday paper. We’d thumb through it all day, before and after Sunday dinner.

All of those things (Sundays off, corner store, Sunday dinner), they’re all dead now.

wow, I just made myself so sad – sniff

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I read a saturday and a sunday paper – can’t get enough! Everyone in the house reads a different part though, and none of us reads it all. We read out bits to each other that we find interesting, it makes us feel connected without having to have a conversation! ;)

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I get all my news from the internet—I have a couple of sources for everything. Also my small town doesn’t have a Sunday paper…

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NYTimes every Sunday. Sometimes I don’t get through the whole thing, so Sunday turns into Monday, Tuesday etc.

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I read the news online daily. At the library I’ll check the sections of Sunday’s NYT that I like – book reviews, etc.

Too much paper, too many trips to recycling station. We have one subscription to the New Yorker among 4 of us and pass it around.

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Absolutely – we read the Los Angeles Times daily.

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The Sunday Star Ledger and the Sunday New York Times.

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The Washington Post…and I do love to stretch it out over the whole week more bathroom reading material!

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I’m worried about our small local paper. It was announced last week that by the end of the month, our Southern Indiana paper will now be printed in Northern Kentucky. They also let all the photographers go, so reporters have to take all of their own pictures.

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It’s a real problem. Even the august NYTimes has circulation problems. Our little local paper has shrunk, also.

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I do not. I do get all my news off the internet. In fact I haven’t thought about Sunday papers in the longest time! I used to look at the Sunday paper as a big, huge gift waiting to be opened. The thought of a fat Sunday paper and a bottomless cup of coffee used to make me swoon. Now, I think of all the paper I’ll have to discard and I’ve grown disenchanted with the feel of newsprint on my fingers. Sad, in a way…

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I read it online for the most part. Every now and then I get an actual paper so we have the local ads and coupons and sale papers

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For me, the Web does not replace the paper.I look forward to the Sunday paper, because of the in-depth analysis pieces that it contains, as well as the offbeat items.

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Gotta have the crossword puzzle so I can bond, re-bond and re-bond again with my smart daughter-in-law. Between us, we know almost everything, and the rest we can guess.

Then I read the travel, arts, and book review slowly, and only then do I read the Week in
Review. Around Friday, I read the front page and get angry.

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Sunday and daily, wouldn’t miss them! Web will never out-do the paper

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absolutely. A crucial part of the weekend is to find the time to curl up on the sofa/in bed and spend a couple of hours with the papers. It becomes a ritual. First thing is to sort out the different sections – sports first, then arts reviews, then Magazines, followed by any travel sections and finally, if there’s time, the proper news sections. Love it!

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I do every Sunday and find it’s kind of a “tradition” now with me since most of the week’s news, local/national/world is in the Sunday paper, the comics are always a nice chance to be silly and then you can’t miss a Sunday without the crossword puzzle! It’s just a nice thing to do with a cup of tea or coffee or a soda, depending upon how much caffeine I need that particular morning, and just relax, put my feet up and enjoy the day. I love to start Sundays off that way!

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Never did, still don’t, probably never will.

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Not very often. Cleveland’s newspaper isn’t very good, and the local ones aren’t much better. When we do get one, it’s for the classifieds (if one of us is feeling some job dissatisfaction that week!), the comics, the “magazine” insert and the coupons. Oh, and the 8 or 10 words I can do in the puzzle. ;)

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Religiously. Every Sunday. The NY Times, although I skip the automobile section because I just don’t care. Favorite parts? Sunday Styles, real estate, book review, travel, Week in Review. The Sunday crossword puzzle is “dessert”—saved for last. In the winter, I do it all afternoon. In nice weather, I noodle on it for a few days until it’s done. Or as done as it’s gonna get!

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I love a real newspaper.
I get a lot of national and international news off the internet, but I really like picking up a paper and reading an article, doing the crossword puzzle, reading my horoscope or the comics.

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Not for the news, but yes, I subscribe to a Sunday paper. Fortunately, anything that is in our paper makes it online first, usually before the paper arrives at my doorstep. I do tend to get my news from Google News because I can find it from so many divergent sources. What the internet doesn’t do as well for me are three things. 1) the circulars for the stores I shop at…I certainly can go online to see what’s on sale at each store I’m interested in, but I somehow just like being able to pull the inserts out and browse them on Sunday morning. 2) the comics….again, you could read these online, but it’s harder to cut them out and put them on the fridge if you find a compelling one, and just like with the circulars, it’s nice to have everything in one place, at a glance so you don’t have to dig for it. 3) coupons. Sure, I’ll look at the rest of the paper, but by and large, those are what I look for.

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My grandpa sent me a letter this week with a clipping from the newspaper that he thought I’d appreciate. Such a joy to receive! With the internet I’d forgotten how nice it is to get a letter in the post; the address scrawled on the crisp white envelope in smudgy ink, its thickness hinting at a good juicy correspondence within. And imagine my delight as the yellowed paper clipping slipped out from between the folds. I’m on the look out for something I can send back to him. :)

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Every Monday.

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Absolutely. There is just something I really like about sitting down with the Sunday paper and a good cup of coffee.

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yes… but only the Sunday one. I read the weekday on the ‘net…
When I was little, I would sit with my dad and he would read the Sunday comics to me…I loved that time… I guess that is why I still purchase a newspaper almost every sunday ritual and habit… and I like the coupons!

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I need to start.
I usually only use it for the coupons :o/

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@ bridold: Hey! The coupons are great though! I always use enough coupons every week to save at least triple the cost of the paper. I get to feed my Sunday paper habit AND save money. :)

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@BarbieM: It’s true, I definitely save a lot of money with them. Bargain shopper! lol

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I love the New York Times – both daily and Sunday. I read the daily on the web and in print, and work through the Sunday over a few days. I check Yahoo and CNN on the web a few times a day for breaking stories (and “Poll shows Obama ahead in households without pets” stories” – I kid you not!.). Have thought of dropping my weekday subscription to the Times but I enjoy the physcial act of reading it and also feel a need to keep papers in print.

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Speaking of Sunday paper comic strips, I regret to inform everyone that Opus is gonna die soon…

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Not too shocking, he’s taken Opus away from us twice before. Also, realize that Opus was born in the Reagan years and thrived all the way through Bush I, and was constantly pushing back a the establishment (read: the Republicans). The year Clinton got into office, Bloom County ended and Outland became a Sunday only strip which was largely more abstract in nature and not as overtly political…and it didn’t last. But fast forward, 2 years into W’s reign, that’s when he brought it back, saying at the time that the politics of the modern world demanded Opus’ presence. Now, he’s ending it 2 days before Bush is unseated! I think being the voice of political dissent is what drives his creativity as it applies to these characters, and to draw Opus during an Obama administration would probably be pointless and dull. So, I guess if I have to choose between Opus and a Democrat in the White House…

RIP Opus.

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