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What are you doing for Mothers' Day?

Asked by jca (36046points) May 9th, 2017

Loving your mom, hating your mom, missing your mom? Seeing your kids, being honored by your kids, being ignored by your kids?

What are your plans?

My mom died this past autumn so it’s my first Mothers’ Day without her, which is why it’s a bigger thought than usual for me this year.

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Sending Mom a card.

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Sending something to my daughters-in-law; maybe getting a phone call from my sons. (Possibly a gift from one.) Going to the Unitarain service in the morning. Will probably take a walk on the boardwalk and get my first ice cream sundae of the summer in the afternoon. I’ve learned to make these days work ok for me in the absence of family.

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I don’t have anything to do with my mother, but I have been informed by offspring to clear the day for shenanigans. :-O

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No mom, no kids, so my day is clear.

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I will visit my mom at the board and care home, and take her some See’s chocolates. She gets exhausted after 15 minutes, so it will not be a long visit.

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@chyna: You’re welcome to come share in my shenanigans! :-)

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Already happened so waiting until next March

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I honestly haven’t thought about it. It will just be another Sunday as usual.

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My daughter took me to lunch and we got pedicures the Sunday before last as she left this last Sat. night, the 6th, for 14 days in Europe. They are in Amsterdam now then off to Poland and then Rome. I’ll have a fun Mothers Day following her adventures around Rome.

@jca Sorry this will be your first Motherless Mothers Day, try to think of the good times. :-)

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I’ll be missing my late mom and treating my lovely s/o like a queen… and not just on that Sunday.

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@Pachy You have one lucky lady there. :-)

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My wonderful hairdresser (who is like my adopted daughter) is coming to do our hair and my daughters will be getting their hair done too. We’re going to have a Mother’s Day afternoon tea to share together. My son is not coming which makes me very sad. He is still AWOL.

I’m sure I’ll have a lovely day with my husband and daughters.

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Sending Chinese food to my sister. She raised me so she gets the reward.

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I actually got invited to a party and house concert of my friend’s blues band in the afternoon so the day is shaping up nicer than I expected.

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