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The song of the Olympics?

Asked by stephencjackson (76points) August 10th, 2008

What is the song that is used in each Olympics? Its the one that they use on all of the commercials, and is immediately identifiable as the Olympics song.

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It is the Olympic Fanfare and Theme by John Williams.

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The theme mentioned above is not the official theme but the John Williams composition for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. The most famous one that you are probably referring to is the official Olympic Anthem. It was composed by a Greek named Spyros Samaras and has been performed in every Olympiad since 1960.

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I highly doubt he is referring to the Olympic Anthem. If you caught the opening ceremonies, that is what the youth choir sang. The theme mentioned above has been used (in a modified form to include Arnaud’s Bugler’s Dream) for every broadcast of the Olympics since 1984.

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I don’t believe the Williams theme is played on television other than in the US. I see by stephencjackson’s profile that he is from Georgia so perhaps you’re right.

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Oops, I shouldn’t have said every.
Every broadcast of the Olympics in the United States.

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