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Why would someone leave their garage door open all day and night?

Asked by Kardamom (33336points) May 11th, 2017

Just so people don’t get confused, this is not the same question as My Other Question About Garages

Although in both cases, the 2 sets of neighbors are relatively new to our neighborhood. The folks having parties in their garage live next door. The folks who leave their garage door open 24 hours a day live across the street.

We have an HOA in our neighborhood. One of the rules says that you must keep your garage door closed unless you are working in there, or there are service persons doing work in there, or, of course, if you are moving your cars in and out. Our HOA rules are pretty strict and there are lots of them. Many of them pertaining to our cars, driveways, and parking. Some of them are kind of silly, but people get fined all the time for all sorts of small infractions. Mostly parking infractions.

So the folks across the street almost always have their garage door open, day and night, rain or shine. I really don’t have an opinion on it one way or the other, I’m just worried that one day, they are going to be robbed. They’ve got lots of stuff in there, the usual stuff people have like tools and ladders and a lawnmower and whatnot. It would be a shame if their stuff got stolen.

I have only met them once, on the day they moved in 6 months ago. I gave them a little map of the neighborhood with the names of the other neighbors in their immediate vicinity, the name and number of our security patrol (the people you call if you are being robbed, or have been robbed) and some info on the closest veterinarians, good restaurants, etc. just stuff they might find useful, and my phone number just in case they needed anything. And I gave them a big bag of homegrown lemons from our tree.

I have occasionally seen their car pull away in the morning when I’m leaving for work, but I actually have not seen any of them, per se. I met 4 people, 2 parents and 2 kids and they were quite nice. Unlike most of my neighbors who are often out in their yards (or the folks next door who are entertaining in their garage) I never see them.

Most of the the time their garage door is wide open, even in the middle of the night. I only know this because I have to get up multiple times in the night to open or close the window (and turn on and off the fan) because of my hot and cold flashes. I’m usually up around 3 and 4 a.m.

I’m just curious as to why folks might want to leave their garage door open all the time and risk having their possessions stolen.

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May be they think they’re living in Mayberry?

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What are the chances of that happening? Is the area where you live considered as safe? Are there any security measures taken by the society to ensure safety? If not they might be careless people or might have some security alert system installed in the garage.

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Trying to lure curious exchange students in, so that they can shotgun them in the face in cold blood.

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It is odd in my opinion. I agree I’d be afraid they’ll get robbed. Do they have very young children who play in the driveway? I was just remembering one neighbor of mine had their garage up quite often during the day, because her 4 year old had the outside toys in the garage. You said Day and night though, so I can’t really explain that.

I had a friend back in the day whose parents almost always had the garage door up during the day, because everyone entered the house through the garage. The front door was far from the driveway, and the garage door was actually facing the main road, while the front door wasn’t.

The other people I know who do it have screens on their garage (as I mentioned on the other Q) or allow fir a cross breeze in the house.

Won’t the HOA eventually send them a notice that they can’t have their garage open all night?

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Do they have a working garage door? I used to have a neighbor (he moved) who, in a drunken rage, tried to drive out of his garage with the door down. He bent the hell out of the door – not enough to destroy it totally.

When he did that, he somehow lifted it to the UP position, and – because he was a lousy neighbor and didn’t have the money to fix it – it remained up until the mortgage company foreclosed and kicked him out.

Possibly the dude’s door is broken?

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The neighbors have 2 kids, I’m guessing around ages 9 and 12. I only met them once, the day they moved in 6 months ago. The kids don’t play outside, which seems kind of odd, just because there are lots of kids in our neighborhood, although maybe a few years younger, who play outside on a regular basis.

Their garage door does work, because it is occasionally closed. Although I would say most of the time, day and night, it is open.

I would say our neighborhood was relatively safe, although a few years back, someone went through and broke a bunch of car windshields, and every so often I hear cars speeding through, screeching their wheels in the middle of the night. We live at the end of the street just outside the cul de sac so there’s no reason to be speeding down there, and I assume that those people are not residents.

Another friend of mine who lives in another neighborhood, about a mile from me, but definitely within walking distance, had her own car stolen out of her driveway, along with 2 other cars on her street about 2 months ago.

We do have a hired “security patrol” who drives around at random times, mostly ticketing residents for minor parking offenses. Because of our HOA, you can’t park in your own driveway over night. You can’t park on the street overnight either, and if you have guests staying over, you have to call the secuity patrol ahead of time to inform them, otherwise the car will be ticketed. That is another reason I’m concerned about my neighbor and their garage door. The HOA is likely to ticket them, if they haven’t already, but maybe they have been ticketed and don’t care.

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Maybe they are trying to air it out, let a frightened trapped animal escape, or they’re itchin’ for a fight with the HOA or just want to annoy some neighbors.

Or they forgot to close it.

Or it’s malfunctioning.

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@Kardamom: Because of the HOA, you can’t park in your own driveway? That’s a little nuts LOL.

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@jca Right! It is ridiculous. A few people in our neighborhood have multiple kids of driving age. They have to pay hundreds of dollars a year for a “variance” to have those cars, belonging to their kids in their own driveway. It’s ridiculous if you ask me.

Other people, who forget to call into the security company when they have guests, will find their guests’ cars ticketed in the morning.

That’s the reason I was curious about the folks across the street, because leaving your garage door open, without “good reason” is a ticket-able offense too.

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