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Have you been robbed recently?

Asked by JLeslie (65512points) December 31st, 2015 from iPhone

They came to pack up my house and some time after I paid for the pizza today (the last packing day) for the movers, one of them took all the 20’s out of my wallet and one single. It’s getting to me. I discovered it when I went to my wallet to get their tip money. It’s like the icing on the cake to the stress of the move. I hope to God they didn’t steal any of my jewelry. The major pieces seem to be here.

Usually, we have our car and drive the final move, but this time we are flying. Usually, I lock all my valuables and money in my car while they are packing. I guess that was smart.

I kept telling my husband that one of us has to be with our money and jewelry constantly, and he wouldn’t fucking cooperate! I’m so sick of him not being suspicious and paranoid enough. I guess I should have carried the things worth the most to me the entire time, including my wallet. I take the blame for knowing better and not taking all the steps I could. It would have been a back pack worth of stuff, but it would have been better than this.

I told the supervisor, and his response was there was no way. Huh? I told him I’m telling him so when it happens again he has more information, and then I still tipped everyone.

This after I just got through gathering all the information for the credit card fraud my aunt’s aide had been committing. Stealing my aunts card and using it all over town to buy things on the internet. The NYPD is going to arrest her.

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I’m so sorry. Just what you needed on top of the stress of the move.
I know it’s easy said, but all you can do now is move on, and try to not let it taint the move. You don’t want to get to the new place stressed and pissed about something that you cannot change.

It was big of you to tip the movers, knowing that one is a thief. I would have been tempted to tell them I would tip on the other end, and that the tip would be “very generous” if they rooted out the the who stole your cash after you treated them to pizza.

I’ve been robbed a couple times in my life, and the frustration of never having closure is worse than the theft itself.

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@ibstubro I wanted the driver to take me seriously also. That’s part of why I tipped in spite of the theft. He seemed in denial. I would guess he is thinking about it though.

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The last time I was robbed was when someone stole my piano out of my dad’s car. This was the early 2000s in a Church parking lot, of all places.

Are you absolutely sure they took it? Did you not put it somewhere else or spend it on the pizza?

[addition]: Actually, the last time I was robbed was technically a few weeks ago when someone took the money from our tip jar at work. Makes me wonder how many times it happens when I’m not looking. I always take the bills out promptly because they’re known for their disappearing acts.

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Aw @JLeslie! :(
I’m so sorry!
I hate moving! I will be doing it again soon also.
Hey- do not kick yourself for things that happen like this. The unscrupulous movers- yes, I’ve hired them also, distract you on purpose. It’s a slick trick that some have down pat.
Do go over the Supervisor’s head to the owner or prez. of the company! He will more accommodating if you tell him you are contacting the BBB. The Stupidvisor doesn’t want trouble for his team, or was getting a cut. Make some noise! Call and tell him what happened. You may be surprised! Stay on it long distance if it is what you feel strongly about.
You checked everything else and still have the sentimental items- that’s more important in the long run.
I am glad you are flying instead of driving up north.
This is the end of 2015. Say goodbye to the bad juju- it will be all positive from here on!
Again, it happens. You had gazillions of stressful things going on. Don’t feel bad about how you handled it.
It was a no-win, but you must’ve been close or it might’ve been much worse.
Call the company and raise some heck.
You didn’t do anything that most of us haven’t done. Treating others with honesty and respect when others sometimes don’t act that way in return. Don’t stop because of those few.
I’m so sorry that happened.
Be careful on your travels and new adventures.

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Other than $7.00 to see the new Star Wars film?

Last time I was robbed was from my car while I was in a movie theater. They didn’t take anything that belonged to me, but they broke a window and stole my grandson’s sister’s suitcase, which had a lot of her nice clothes. What is a homeless guy going to do with clothes that fit a thin 12 year old?

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Neighbor’s son stole my bike from my backyard. Same one that was just arrested for beating up his pregnant girlfriend.


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I bought a game on Steam called “Soma”, based on the hype.
It is fucking shit.

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