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What does your answer machine say right now?

Asked by SeekerSeekiing (966points) August 10th, 2008

How often do you change it? Do you have folks who call up just to hear what message you have on it this week?

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Nothing. No one is calling.

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i guess something like “this is the voicemail of camiel, obviously i can’t answer right now, just leave a message and i’ll get back to you”, i never change it, and why should i ?

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hahahahaha, AstroChuck, you crack me

Iwanoto…can’t see the name really well, sorry if I miss spelled it…if your answer maching message is working for you….you are right, no need to change it!

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i have verizon cell phone. so of course i set my message to sound like one of those AT&T commercials, where the phone answers, saying that so-and-so can’t be reached because he doesn’t have any bars. A patient vomits on me, too.

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Drhat77——veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry creative! Good one!

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my cell phone voicemail hasn’t changed for a while. but it annoys the hell out of everyone. this is the voicemail: (me talking) “Hello? Hellllloo?????? Helllllllllllo????????????? (pretending i can’t hear the other person) Just kidding, leave a message!”

It gets my friends every time. I always get messages like “I hate hate hate you” haha. It’s all in good fun though. The only time that voicemail changes is when I expect my boss or counselor to call.

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Pnl, oh you are cheeky! Yeah, I’d totally fall for that! Just like any answer machine that says, “Hello, ....” and pauses. I always start talking to them! Only to get beeped!

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I’m going next door, so I’ll be back to check responses…“Hi, this is SS and I’m not available right now…blaw blaw blaw…”

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Mine says “Hello. You’ve reached our house. If you’re calling about business, hang up and call the business line. Otherwise leave a message and I’ll check it sometime next week.”

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“Hi. You’ve reached the Clarke residence. Becky and I are unable to come to the phone right know. But if you leave your name and your number we’ll be happy to get back to you.”. Beeeeeeeeep.
Nothing groundbraking, I know. But it serves its purpose.

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Right now, mine is similar to Pnl’s (“Helllooooo?... Leave me a message!).

One time it was “Cows moo ducks quack leave me a message and I’ll get back!” and my boyfriend made fun of me for it.

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My sister recorded it for me. So it’s (in her voice): Hi, you’ve reached “Pete’s” phone. “Pete” is unable to pick up the phone right now, so leave a message and he’ll get back to you when he can. Thanks, bye.

It’s been like that for at least a year. I probably won’t change it for a while.

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I used togoof around and put things on it like “if this is Bob, sorry about the check, okay?” and “If it’s Debbie, sorry about messing up your bushes last night. I got the court order.”. And dumb stuff such as that. But when somebody died in my family and people were leaving messages relating to this I felt it necessary to change my message to something a little less silly.

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Hi. You’ve reached ###-####. Leave a message.

Short and sweet.

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Hi, this is Gail. Please leave a message.

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I honestly don’t know if I’ve recorded a personalised message – and since I’m abroad right now, I’m so not checking!

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Mine is pretty lame. “Hey it’s amanda, you know what to do.”

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Wildflower, you shouldn’t refer to yourself as “a broad”. Not very PC.
Although I must tell you I think of you as a classy broad.

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I don’t do PC…......machead all the way – thought I’d made that clear by now :P

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I have no idea. Thanks for reminding me!

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Okay, okay, so I’m the weird one who likes to change the message once a month…okay…I do have folks who call just to see what I’ll say! Thanks everybody…and again AstroChuck you crack me up.

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@seeker – what does yours say right now?

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Ummm….I can’t say cause it’s a political statement that will undoubtedly inflame half of Fluther…. and maybe this is ONE I’ll leave on until after the election in November…

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Mine is boring and predictable, but for the longest time one of my good friends would change his message every couple of weeks or so. It was always a great adventure to call and catch him away from the phone. One I remember, in particular, was this: “Hi, this is Steve. I’m up on the roof right now because one of Santa’s reindeer got his antler stuck in my cooler…<sigh>...Yeah, I’ll call you back when we get ‘im loose.”

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McBean! You’re friend and I might have been twins separated at birth! I once had a guy from Canada who heard from a friend of a friend [I didn’t know this guy] to call my number during the day, when I wouldn’t be home [and he wouldn’t be charged] and listen to my answer machine….he called when I was home, I answered, and he was sooo angry. hahahaha. Oopsy ;-)

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Mine says “no one is available to take your call, leave a message and someone will call you back”. BUT, it is in Meatwads (Aquateen) voice.

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We once had an answering machine that gave you an option of using a default message in either English, French or Spanish. We set it on French (we live in SoCal, where fluent French speakers are not on every block) and were able to eliminate about 99% of the soliciation messages that had been coming in.

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hahaha, Bonjour, ├ža va?

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Good one, with the Auateen!

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hey im obvousley not answering my phone for a reason. either i dont have my phone or im just ignoring you!

(but all my friends know im kidding!)

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My boss just reached a voicemail message (someone whose call he was returning) that said: “As you may or may not know, I’m making some changes in my life. If I don’t call you back, you’re one of the changes.” Wow! What a way to deal with life, huh?

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@McBean – hahahhahahhaha i kinda like that one :)

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My voice mail says. “Hi, I’m not answering the phone right now.” It’s the most honest way of saying, “I’m screening your call.”

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My message before last: “Just want you to know that the last time I took advice, it only worked because I changed it.” ;-)

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Mine says, “Hi, Kari here. If you’ve reached my voicemail, I’m in jail again…(pause)... working. I’ll call you after six.”

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Divalicous! Good one!

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@Divalicious…that’s funny! I joked to a friend that I wanted my voice mail message to say, “Hi! It’s been a long time! ...but not long enough. I’ll call you back when I’m ready to talk to you again.” I’d never do that, though. I’m too boring and too worried about offending people.

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@SeekerSeekiing…great Q!

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Thanks, it’s fun learning how the other half answer with machines!

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@PnL…I thought it was funny, too, but maybe a tad…borderline?

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McBean – frankly I prefer such funny messages rather than “Hi. I am Blah. You have reached bla-bla-blaa. Leave a message.” And my friends know it’s just a joke, so it works :) My relatives are the ones that go “whaaaaa?”

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“What you say now, can and will be used against you” Ha

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Right now my house phone is pretty corny – purposely. it’s my husband and I on it. I say, “Hi this is JT” and he says, “And this is Bri” And I say “And w’ere not here” and he says “So leave a message.” My friends and family think it’s both totally corny and funny.

My cell phone voicemail is generic, just “hey this is Bri, I can’t get to the phone, so leave me a message.”

My friend had the BEST voicemail ever a few years back .The two of us came up with it. It was long, but hilarious.
She said in her most sexy voice, “Do you like dialing phone numbers and listening to them ring over and over, then, finally leaving a message? Well leave me one and I’ll make your dreams come true.”
Or something to that effect.

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I have a friend with severe environmental allergies, including electricity and sunlight. I sit with her in a dark one day a week. When their phone broke and was then repaired, I left the voice-mail message. So, now, when I get lonely, I can call her and hear me, sounding very perky.

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Hi you’ve reached megans cell leave a message or I will not call u back! Have a great day bye!

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