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Picky eaters: What is the food you most dread?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 10th, 2008

Is it the flavor, the texture, the look or the smell that gets to you most? Have you always hated it? Do other people in your family enjoy it?

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I’m not a picky eater, but I hate cucumbers and their fruit cousins melons. I cannot even stand the smell.

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I’m not picky, but I absolutely HATE macaroni and cheese, other than the kind that my stepdad makes [really good and made from scratch!]. The smell makes me sick to my stomach.

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Picky eater here! I hate the smell of onions; they smell like BO and contaminate everything they touch; the same for tomatoes (except the BO part). Texture is also an issue for me—nothing gelatinous or rubbery (like squid). And the smell of beef cooking makes me want to vomit, but that could have something to do with the fact that I have not eaten beef in 20 years.

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I have so many foods I dread, I don’t think I can pick one. Texture is the biggest issue for me, followed by smell, appearance, then taste. Most of the things I don’t like are things I have never liked. My family has a hard time working around my ‘issues.’ They like things that really turn my stomach.

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Coconut, for the texture…green peppers, for the taste (and they contaminate everything, too!) I also won’t eat anything I’d consider a pet (rabbit) or a baby (veal).

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@august All animals can be your friends. But hey I’m no vegetarian either. :)

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@tiny: I know I’m a total hypocrite…I eat beef, chicken, etc…but no game or “different” meats.

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Tacos! They’re disgusting.. I don’t understand how people can eat them. Most mexican foods really.
Texture isn’t really problem for me.. it’s pretty much all taste/smell.

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i won’t eat coconut or peaches they are just NASTY i also wont eat anything that could be a pet or a baby that is just soooooooooo WRONG in SO many ways

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I’m definitely not a picky eater and tend to love all kinds of food, including fruit and vegetables, but I won’t get near cauliflower. It tastes, what I imagine, poison to taste like.

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Food so a passion if mine and I enjoy trying new and unfimilar dishes. However, the one thing I can’t stand putting in my mouth are bananas (I can’t even spell it right without auto-correct). They’re mushy, hairy, and bruised most of the time. I haven’t eaten one since like the 90s and don’t plan on doing so. I’ll eat banana flavored desserts and ice-cream but the acutal fruit doesn’t go down as easy.

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Onions! How can you not like chicken ‘Theotherkid’?

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Theotherkid, I had to chuckle at the chicken comment.

My husband blew up a year ago when we were out on one of our rare dates. I bit into chicken and hit some texture that I didn’t like. That was it for me.

He started laughing and said he’ll never understand how I can reach down for a walking stick, while camping in Montana, and not be bothered to find a snake instead, but a bite of chicken will freak me out.

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@mamasu…I just sent you a PM about the texture thing with chicken. I have trouble with it, too. Ever since the cadaver work in a college biology class. (Horrible!!!)

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raw tomatoes, texture and flavor. EUGHGHHGHG.

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I HATE onions! And mushrooms are pretty vile, too.

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I wish I was a picky eater. I suppose not eating anything with a face counts on some level, but I suspect I was a pug in a former life. I will eat anything.

Even when I was not veg, I would not eat raw oysters, clams, etc.

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I love turnip greens but hate turnips.

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cauliflower, liver, chitterlings, melons…

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@generalspecific…Tacos? Really? All kinds of tacos? Maybe it’s the mix of all those different textures together in one bite. The reason I’m so surprised is because tacos seem so child friendly. Still, I hated marshmallows for the longest time. And I once had a friend from Lebanon who gagged after tasting pancakes with butter and syrup.

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@charlie…I’ve never had chitterlings, but the name makes me think I’d have to agree with you.

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@genspecific: they call them chitlins actually in the south or innercity urbanic areas, but chitterlings are actually pig intestines. the smell, while they are cooked, is horrific. my in-laws cook them at thanksgiving and christmas. they are grey, fatty, gelous and laced with green peppers for flavor. i tasted them once in my childhood. a cross between a dumpling, gelatinous fat and suid waste matter. preferred serving suggestion is to sop them up with lots of louisiana hot sauce.

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I eat almost everything.
I enjoy life through my stomach.

I’ll stay away from anything moving.
Crickets, maggots, insects, etc. until I’m stranded somewhere with nothing else to eat.

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@mcbean: nah I don’t think that’s it.. I actually like different textures and things. it’s just whats IN the tacos.. I’ve tried many, and they all are disgusting in my opinion.

Speaking of textures, my friend is a freak about that sort of thing, won’t eat strawberries and the like because of how they feel. One day I made her try this japanese candy, I don’t remember what it’s called or anything but they’re like little (around 1inch in diameter) gooey green balls all powdery and soft on the outside and gooey/marshmallowy on the inside. Me and my friends call them alien testicals. In short.. that was probably her worst nightmare.

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@generalspecific…You’re talking about mochi. Yes, the texture and the powder can put you off. Alien testicals is a great name for them. There are Chinese pastries like that, too, that are filled with sweetened black bean paste. I find the filling absolutely delicious, but usually peel the powder-covered gooey rice dough off and discard it. It seems kind of like a mistake.

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I love peaches, but I can’t eat whole fresh ones. When my teeth sink into the fuzzy skin… ewwwww! It’s a gross feeling.

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Eggplant. Yuck yuck yuck! Gives me goosebumps thinking about it. My dad made us eat it as kids. Also fat and grissle(sp) on beef etc. We had to eat every piece on our plates. So so gross. I would offer to pay my dad for it if he would not make me eat it. He would say no and I would sit at the table till two in the morning until he would let me leave the table. Also lately pickles bother me because of the way they squeak on my teeth when I bite them. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

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@stevenb… I don’t like squeaky foods, either. Eggplant can squeak if it’s not well cooked, did you know that? I suppose you won’t be wanting any of my eggplant and gristle stew. :-)

@Divalicious…Yes! Fur does not belong on fruit! I shave the skin plus about 1/2” of flesh off of my kiwi fruit before I’ll eat it.

Wow, you know, before I posted this question, I didn’t know I was a picky eater!

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I will not eat canteloupe.

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The last time I ate canteloupe I wasn’t all that happy about it. I used to like it well enough, though.

What gets to me is papayas. The seeds look like fish eggs and they smell kind of dirty – like something that’s begun to turn bad.

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The slop my sister churns out…Meeouch!!!!

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I hate the taste and texture of liver.

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Divalicious…I’m soooo there with you on the “peaches” front. The fuzz completely ruins it for me. Nectarines…..God’s alternative to the dreaded fur-covered fruit.
It gives us peach fans one less thing to complain about.

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I’m not a pickey eater but I will not eat liver

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I love liver! Or perhaps I’ve been conditioned to love it? It’s one of my favs though….call me crazy..

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mee ouch, you are not crazy lol my parents tried to condition me but I just wouldn’t respond lol.

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Only chicken liver for me. And only in a smooth pate with made with onions, garlic, sherry, butter and a little bit of sugar. It has to be spread on the perfect flatbreat and topped off with chopped onions, tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs. Of course, I haven’t had that for about 20 years, so I may have lost the taste for it. You never know. It used to be a regular on the appetizer table.

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I’m a very picky eater but i have to say i hate sea food the most…

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amandaafoote, what do you hate about sea food?

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@Hammer- Just since i was younger i’ve never liked it, usually i have a pretty strong stomach and just the smell of it will make me almost throw up, and just looking at it, it doesn’t looked cooked to me(shrimp going from black to pink for example) it’s not even just eating it i can’t stand, it’s even being around it. hahah

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wow sorry to hear that amandaafoote, I guess we all have that certain food that turns us away

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I’m a shellfish whore!
King Crab legs are my favourite!

McB….I make a killer peppercorn pate….with cognac, chicken livers, orange zest, tellecherry peppercorns, rendered slab bacon…..and some white truffle oil…just a salt….....mmmmmmmmmm

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king crabs my mouth is watering….....

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….......mmmmmmm…..ine tooooooooo!

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I’m in. Let’s all head out for crab tonight.

mee_ouch…will you bring some pate?

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Yes, yes and YES!!!!!!

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lets get fishin’!

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I just hate having the same meal to frequently. Variety is my love.

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yes I agree with you gooch I love variety

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I’m most definitely a picky eater.
The textures of foods are really important to me.
I HATE mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, and hash browns. The only potatoes I eat are chips & french fries.
As for vegetables, I only eat raw carrots, raw broccoli, corn, raw spinach (in salad), & lettuce (in salad).
Mushy overcooked vegetables are the worst.
I hate peas, onions, pumpkin, squash, and raw tomatoes the most. I do like ketchup and tomato sauce. I don’t like mayo, mustard, or relish. (EWW!!)
Pickles – never tried them because they smell disgusting.
I don’t like steak because it is hard to chew and I gag on it.
I don’t like pepperoni because it is too spicy. I don’t like pepper either.
I DO eat almost all seafoods (I live on an island!) – however I used to eat shrimp but cannot anymore. They make me sick. But – I love fish, calamari, mussels, scallops, & crab. Never tried oyster – don’t want to!
Other meats… I like thoroughly cooked chicken, turkey, beef in hamburger form, bacon, & pork chops. I dislike any fatty meats where you have to cut a lot of fat off – like lamb.
I dislike the taste of Coke, Root Beer, Cream soda, coffee, and most tea (except raspberry tea).
Fruits: I will only eat apples raw. I love fruit juices & blended fruit smoothies.
I don’t like watermelon. I hate coconut.
I hate Skittles. Taste & texture are bad.

Foods I don’t eat based on texture:
-mashed potatoes & other non-crunchy potatoes
-apple sauce
-bananas (unless they are fried & crispy, or blended in a smoothie)
-steak (too chewy)
-anything ‘pate’ – looks like cat food.
-french toast
-raisins (soooo gross!)
-fat around meats
-basically anything else that is mushy.

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I think we have found a winner.

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Oh, yes…island7girl takes the prize for pickiest palate! Great documentation of what and why, too!

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pumpkin! the taste, the texture, the skin, the smell. everything. even the seeds.

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Sunny side up eggs with runny yolk

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