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I'm newly arrived. The best way to learn my way around is?

Asked by Thannisan (56points) August 10th, 2008

trial and error? An example or direction page? (where).

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Hi Thannisan, and welcome to the collective!
You can start by checking out the What is Fluther? and FAQ pages. After that, I’d just poke around the site to get a feel for the sort of questions and answers that are posted. Have fun, and feel free to chip in to the discussions!

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see this Q asked by marissa. it answers everything.

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Hey thannisan, check your comments—I left a message there.

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Welcome to the funny farm!! The linked Q that PnL posted above does offer just about all takes on do’s and don’t’s around here (but perhaps not the meaning of life, etc., so it doesn’t necessarily answer everything).
My tips:
Be genuine
Contribute – answer at least as much as you ask
Don’t be afraid to be different
Disagreements needn’t be confrontational (although sometimes they’re just more fun that way!)

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My little piece of advice. If a question is serious don’t make jokes or derail the question until it gets a serious answer.

edit :: an example would be.

Q: What was that one Backstreet Boys song that went like this (insert something awful)?
A: Backstreet Boys are lame.

Talk shit on the Backstreet Boys after the question is answered.

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Welcome to the collective! I look forward to reading your posts.

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Welcome, little jellyfish.

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Welcome to Fluther!

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Hi Thannisan, I just joined also, and don’t know a thing about this place. Good to see you!

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How do we get our own avatars here? I didn’t have to fill out any profile info. or anything, like I had to do on Askville. Haven’t got a clue how this works!

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Click My Account at the top, and the select Change my Picture. Or, just click here. Also, it will help you get questions that you are interested in if you fill out your profile by clicking My Account and selecting Edit Profile, or clicking here.

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Just be super cool like me!

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And if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on, that’s what ol’ Uncle AstroChuck is here for.

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Thanks for your help, I have my cute kitty, and feel much more like myself!

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I’m new myself, Thannisan, but welcome to

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Don’t follow my example, as I have had questions pulled by moderators a couple of times. But, until they physically throw me out of here, I’m sticking around. I paid my…oh wait, this place is free, never mind! :-)

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Thanks to all that answered… Sorry for the lack of a response, I got distracted writing a short novel and have never gotten very far in finding my way around fluther. I’ll have to correct that. But Happy New Year to all and thanks for your help and comments.

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