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Should Trump's overseas trip be cancelled?

Asked by Pachy (18600points) May 18th, 2017

I don’t think an international tour was ever a good idea for this Baby-in-Chief who has not a clue about international politics and diplomacy, but given the many untoward events and revelations of the past week and Trump’s raging state of mind over the appointment of a special prosecutor, isn’t it downright dangerous to let him loose overseas?

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I say Bon Voyage and if the big cheese gets snatched by a rat, or pounced on by a cat, well, so be it.

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Make a sentence out of the following words…

It – grief – up – good – give

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Trying to drum up panic?
President Donald Trump will be fine.
will BE fine.

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Not trying to drum up panic, Patty Melt. Just asking a question. We get to do this on Fluther, right?

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Can we put him on a no-fly list once he leave the country?

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Don’t worry about Trump, Mossad (Israeli Secret Service) will keep a real close eye on him in all countries he travels to, because he ratted out the agent that collected the intel he gave to Putin!.

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My personal nickname for Trump. The red menace. haha

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Trump overseas representing the United States to the world. How did it come to this? It’s not all right it is all wrong but he can’t be stopped. There is only one president and it is him , completely out of his depth and completely unaware of it bringing new depths of meaning to the word embarrassment.

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