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Does anyone read National Geographic?

Asked by WhaleSong (240points) May 18th, 2017

I read it every month. I find it very interesting and informative, plus I like looking at all the cool pictures. It’s fun learning about science, cultures and animals. You?

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I do. I don’t read everything, but I read quite a few articles and look at all the pictures. Their photography has been outstanding for at least a hundred years. When I was a kid my father had shelves of old NGs from about 1918, and I loved to look at them. They had the same distinctive yellow covers.

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I’d love to see some of those really older ones, see what they were like back then and what they talked about.

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My grandmother gave me a subscription to National Geographic when I graduated from high school. I loved it. I kept renewing the subscription for many years. I read some of the stories, but like @Jeruba I looked at all the pictures. The photography may be the best of any magazine.

I stopped subscribing some years ago.

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Why is that?

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No. I only watch the NatGeo television channel,. I watch Origins and Genius. Loved the Mars series.

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Only occasionally. I do, however, have this great DVD-ROM set, the Complete National Geographic, which is pretty interesting. My edition is a few years out of date however. They do sell yearly updates, I just haven’t bothered with it.

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It depends on what the article is about.

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I do. I read the ink off the pages! Love it.

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Many many people do.

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I watch NatGeo and love it!!

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I don’t, but only because of a lack of time. My husband reads it every month and we keep the editions too. One day I’ll go back and read through them.

I do subscribe to their FB feed, and I do read their articles there quite often.

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Still read every month. My Mom gets the subscription. I get a few from her every couple months.

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Yep. My in laws renew our subscription every year. I read it all the time. It might take me a few weeks to get through it, but I consider NG one of the main ways I get information.

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Yes, and Smithsonian, my 2 favorite publications. I don’t save them however, i read them and pass them on. Nobody needs 10,000 Nat. Geos. stacked in their house. lol

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^You can donate them to schools. We used them when I was in advanced art in high school. Take a stack to your closet school. I bet they take them…

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Do you guys have any NG article or program that sticks out? I’m always amazed by any article they publish about Congo. It seems such an interesting and wild place, but also extremely dangerous. I know that I would never live there. The people who do must see things very differently from us.

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Coloma What is Smithsonian? I save all my NG issues and go back to them sometimes. I could donate them though, they take up a lot of room.

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@MrGrimm888 I give them to friends or my daughter or take them to the local P.O. where we have a sharing bench for books and mags. Once I dropped some in a laundromat too. Figured that was a good place to leave reading material. haha
An old friends husband had a wall of Nat. Geos. in their garage, she was trying to get him to get rid of them and then, one night, he pulled into the garage and hit the wall of mags. and they all crashed down and dented the hood of his BMW.

He got rid of them. lol

@WhaleSong A few months ago there was a great article on how citrus fruits evolved. I was surprised to learn that almost every, modern strains of citrus came form just a couple ancient wild fruits. Here is the article.

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The Smithsonian Institute is, essentially, a US government owned corporation of museums and cultural institutions. The publish a monthly magazine titled, amazingly enough, Smithsonian.

As an interesting aside the Smithsonian Institute owns Folkways – the record company that controls much of the recorded work of Woodie Guthrie and Huddie “Ledbelly” Ledbetter, among others.

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Not since FauxNews bought them.

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Fox News didn’t. 21st Century Fox did.

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Right you are, of course.

In any case, the slimy tentacles of Rupert Murdoch…..

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I hope you don’t watch the Simpsons then. Or American Horror Story, or Star Wars, or any number of countless film and television properties.

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As a matter of fact…..I don’t….

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So you can say with certainty that you do not watch, read, listen to or use anything owned by the 21st Century Fox conglomerate?

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I never said that. Almost nobody can.

I just don’t have any individual subscriptions (like National Geographic) which are owned by them. Are we adjourned here, or am I waiting for some kind of bell to ring ?

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The point being, if you’re avoiding something just because someone you find questionable has some stake in it then you’re going to have a hard time finding anything to watch, to ready, to listen to, to enjoy or to otherwise utilize. That’s just how it goes with these huge mega conglomerates.

For me, with something like National Geographic I think the deciding factor is if there’s a significant editorial or content shift under new management or ownership.

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I took your meaning without it having to be explained to me.

I was being a little facetious, not literal here. I did have a National Geographic subscription for awhile, but let it lapse long before the Fox people showed up.

At that time, I thought that Rupert Murdoch was some kind of soft drink….

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I read some of it at the library occasionally. I do not subscribe to any magazines. It is rather interesting.

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