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Anyone else annoyed the search searches all of google?

Asked by JLeslie (57725points) May 26th, 2017 from iPhone

When I search from the fluther site I want it to find something or someone on fluther. If I want to search the entire net I can do that easily on my own.

Do you agree?

Is it difficult to program the search to only search fluther?

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I’ve tried it couple of times but didn’t get expected results.

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My search only searches Fluther.

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@janbb You don’t get a bunch of websites at the top of the page?

Then at the bottom the fluther links, but it’s really hard for me to search for something and find it. I feel like sometimes I know I have a good search word and it just doesn’t work well.

I wonder if it only searches topics and not words used in questions or answers?

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Nope. I get questions and Jelly names. Are you using the search box next to “Contact the mods”?

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It happens to me. Very frustrating.

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I had a look. On the desktop site it doesn’t do this. This is just on the mobile version. I have no idea why. We can ask Ben but I think it will be a low priority :-(

In the meantime try clicking on Desktop at the bottom of every page before searching. Not the best hack in the world, sorry

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@Stinley Taht explains why I don’t have it; i’m nearly always on my desktop.

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I just get fluther. Are you maybe signed out when you are on the fluther page and put something in search?

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Oh, I forgot. Check your phone or computer settings. I know my phone searches work differently than my home computer. I don’t mean on fluther. I just mean in general.

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@Stinley – I’m not sure why the behaviour should change if you’re using mobile / desktop version?

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^^ I don’t know either but that’s what happened when I tried it.

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You can limit a Google search by the search term to get results only from Fluther. This works better than using the Fluther search tool anyway.

“All of Google” does not mean “the entire Internet.” Google isn’t a place or a body of information. It’s a telescope, not a universe.

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@Jeruba Thanks. I never knew about using “site:” I’ll definitely try that.

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It works well. Thanks @Jeruba!

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My phone searches all of Google which is very annoying, but my computer does do the actual Fluther search. I don’t bother on my phone.

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