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What does the browser Safari allow you to do that the others do not?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 29th, 2017

What does the browser Safari allow you to do that the others (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, opera, browsers, Google Chrome)don’t?

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Are we talking iOS or macOS?

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@johnpowell ether, or both. or pc.

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I would say not much of a advantage using Safari on either iOS or macOS.

The thing is iOS will only allow you to use webkit to render pages. So Chrome, Safari, Firefox all basically use the same thing. They might handle bookmarks a bit differently but the engine that makes it all work is webkit. And you must use webkit on iOS if you make a browser.

On macOS is it a bit different. Most browsers use a different rendering engine. So there can be a pretty big difference between them.

I can’t think of a single feature that makes Safari better except it is slightly faster on iOS. I use Safari on iOS and Firefox on macOS.

There is no killer feature that would make me switch to Safari.

However, back when Safari was released for OS X it beat the shit out of every other browser. Lightning fast and had the best standards compliance.

Now I would just say all browsers are pretty good. Except Chrome. Fuck using a browser made by a advertising company.

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Safari doesn’t pester you with continued requests for special add ons that take up real estate on the display the way Firefox does. I used to use Firefox when I had a windows machine, but it was continually asking if I wanted to add things.

I use Chrome at work on Windows; Safari at home on my iMac. And Safari on my iPhone, because it is the default.

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@flo IMHO Safari won’t LET you do some of the things I want to do. I much prefer Firefox. And mine is an iMac. Would not use Google or Chrome. Both are too invasive. StartPage is my search engine.

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Probably nothing.
Firefox is the best, IMO and I have tried Safari, Chrome and, of course, IE.

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Very interesting. Thanks.

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