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How do you get Firefox to display the already open tabs let's say (Fluther, Google etc.)

Asked by flo (13313points) May 1st, 2019

Say I have Fluther and Google and a few other tabs/window open. With Chrome or Explorer it would be just by clicking on the icon. But clicking on the Firefox icon makes it open a new tab/window. So, how do you make it dipaly the ones that are already open?

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Care for a screenshot? I don’t remember encountering anything like that before, and I use Firefox.

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On my computers, if I click the Firefox shortcut icon when Firefox is already open, it just brings Firefox to the foreground, where all the tabs are shown along the top (I have hundreds of tabs open, going back for months).

It’s hard to tell from your question what’s going on on your computer. But if you are on Windows and Firefox is running but minimized or buried under other windows such that you can’t find it, you could try holding down the Alt key and pressing tab to cycle between all the open windows on your computer, until you get to the running Firefox session with the open tabs in it.

Or you could hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Start Task Manager, look at the list of running Applications, select Firefox there and then press the Go To button.

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Thanks @Mimishu1995 and @Zaku. I’ll try it out next time Firefox browser disappears from the screen.

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When I hover my mouse over the Firefox icon it shows me all the open windows and I just go to the one I want.

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