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When did your 'real life' begin? See details...

Asked by SeekerSeekiing (961points) August 10th, 2008

No answer is wrong…for me life began after high school because I was a foster kid and had gone to 18 different schools by the time I graduated high school. I knew in high school—that my real life awaited….and let me tell you, it’s been grand!

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After I was born. =)

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Wow, that’s great Randy! You were so far ahead of me at 18 then!

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My “real life” began when I gained a perception of the “real world.” There was no specific time or age when this occured, it just, sort of, happened. When I say the “real world,” I’m referring to what goes on out there that a lot of people are sheltered from, i.e. poverty, terrorists, etc., but not just that, also knowing how to live on your own, how to save money efficiently, and other things of that sort. Though I’m not yet old enough to really be in the “real world,” I now understand it, and I would definitely say that when I gained this understanding, my “real life” began.

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Flyaway…you are wise…and it will do you well. Thanks for answering ;-)

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I hope to [insert deity of choice] that it hasn’t actually started yet… Definitely a struggling late bloomer here.

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@Seeker; Thank you. =)
You must be wise as well, because this is one of the most insightful questions that I’ve answered thus far.

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It began about 14 years ago and ended about 2 years ago.

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@loser—What happened two years ago? (Or is that too personal?)

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I think life for me started probably around the time I got my first credit card, financed my own car, and joined the guard…that was all within the same year (2005). I learned so much that year….and have learned much since then, but that is really when I had understanding of how “everything” works outside of the sheltered life of living at home with the parents.

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Hm, I feel like I have lived different “lifes” during my 23 years, which are defined by distinct changes in perspective or life direction. Like when i was a kid, from a teenager, then college and then going from one set of plans for myself to a totally different direction. I guess my first “real” life was after moving out of my parents place to go to college down in columbus. This is when I became independent and doing things for myself and it opened my eyes to the real world. But then everything changed when my gf of 4 years broke up with me and I finally had a chance to think of future plans that only involved myself. And that gave me a totally different perspective on life and what I actually wanted. I guess I think of them as more of chapters than lifes. But either way, My eyes were opened to the world when I moved out and ate ramen noodles and spaghetti for a month lol.

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I guess it hit me pretty early…about a month after high school. My parents didn’t have money for me for college, I got the loans, the two jobs and worked my rear off to put myself through school. Well, I can’t say they didn’t have money, but they gave me $3,000, total, for everything. They were too busy bailing (and I really am a stronger person for doing it this way) my older sister out of trouble. I stayed in school, even went further and got my master’s. Moved, again. Secured a job and bought a house. I didn’t rent for longer than 6 months, I knew I wasn’t gaining anything. I guess I just had to deal in reality, quickly, or I might have gotten lost in this world!

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When I moved out of my parents house and drove cross country from South Jersey to San Diego to live.

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I classify my real life as beginning when I became really aware of myself as an individual and as a part of a giant collective. This also occurred about the time that I first developed a close, intimate connection with another human being – one other than familial. This was with my best friend of many years. We were about twelve years old.

Before that wasn’t my real life because, when I remember myself, it is like I am a third party looking at another person. After this time my memories are definitely of myself, just younger, different versions.

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I think my real life begins anew every day after I wake up. Of course, I don’t really think of it that way, but there are many things for me to do, and usually, when I go to bed, that list of things to do is the same length as it was the night before. In the morning, though, I have a real chance to get somewhere on that list. That’s real life! At night, when nothing on the list has been ticked off, it’s not worth thinking of it as a wasted day. Better to get into bed with a positive attitude about the next day.

Well, that’s the idea, anyway. What really happens is that I rarely think of these things.

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when my dad’s sperm met my mom’s egg.

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1 month before the end of high school when I had the guts to get out from under my twin brother’s shadow. It was a very “Breakfast Club“ish thing.

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MCBean: Cool answer…I was/am a late bloomer also——you have much to look forward to!

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Loser: I hope your end becomes a new beginning soon…

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RandomMrDan: Wow, that’s quite an ‘awakening’ for one year! I hope you are thriving out here in the great unsheltered ;-)

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LKidKyle: Haha, Raman noodles for a month, ug. Yes, sounded like it was LkidK met the world at college. I too think of my life as many chapters. I’m hoping your future ones are interesting, with fun and full of learning.

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Cak! Wow, how focused you were at such a young age. I guess your sister’s situation gave you some wisdom and insight. Good for you!!! You are an example of, “Yes I CAN!”

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Simone54!!!! HeckyFire, from NJ to San Diego? That’s not just a drive in the park! What of culture shock from the two? Wow, I’m in awe…

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Eidenad: I think you are truly blessed to have had this awareness at the age of 12! Wonderful…

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daloon: In the last 3 years I have worked on living ‘in this moment’ and it has made a HUGE difference…and lists? I make um’ all the time…then lose them! lol

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Ninjaxmark: BINGO!

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O.k. my real life began after I had paralysis… Real life is not easy, but I love it

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Flameboi——wow, kudos to you for making it so! And yes, sometimes Real life is not easy….

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Thank you, after 6 months of treatment, I was able to smile, eat (without biting my cheek), sleep (without using a patch to close my left eye) and speak clearly again… That made appreciate life, a lot :)

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Flameboi, wow, what haard work that must have been…you are a lesson in taking things for granted. Everyday is a gift, huh?

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it is, well, we all should see it as a gift :)

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My life began when I left my parent’s home, and went to college. I worked summers on the coast, and traveled, returning to M&P’s only for weekend visits and such. Once I gained my independence, I never let go.

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when i had my daughter. I understood things better, like why my parents acted the way they did towards me. Life seemed to matter more…because she was here and I needed to make things as good as I could for her. My daughter opened my eyes.

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SeekerSeeking – Man I have a complex now. ;-)

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Life started today. I was with my wife and my mother at her OBGYN when the tech said my wife and I are expecting a girl and when she did a close up, the baby made a grimace and threw up the middle finger at me. Awww..shes a winner alright! I just wish I could scan the pictures and share with the world, my feutus, born bitch! :-)

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