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When you give someone a gift, do you like them to open it in front of you? When you are a recipient of a gift, do you like to open it in front of the giver?

Asked by jca2 (12181points) January 21st, 2020

When someone gives you a gift, do you prefer to open it in front of the person who gave it to you?

When you give someone a gift, do you like them to open the gift, or gifts, in front of you?

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Wherever possible, yes!
Common courtesy & so much more fun.

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Depends on the setting.

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It doesn’t matter to me.
Either way feels like being in the spotlight to me. That’s uncomfortable.

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I agree @Dutchess_III. I feel like it’s a charade. “Act happy, act excited, act like you love it.”

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I gave a family member by marriage a wedding gift. I was there when she opened it. She dismissively set it aside without saying a word. Jesus. At least say “Thank you.”

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Depends. If it’s just us two, or just a few of us, then usually the gift gets opened. I usually ask, “should I open it now?” They can say yes, or wait. If I gave the gift I expect they will likely open it on the spot.

If it’s at a party I usually like it better that the gifts aren’t opened. Some parties there are standard customs for it though. Baby and bridal showers the gifts are opened. Children’s birthday the gifts are opened. Adult birthday often the gifts aren’t opened. Weddings the gifts are not opened. Getting a wedding gift not during the wedding the gift might be opened though. Again if it’s just the few of you. Like I didn’t go to my BIL’s wedding, I think I wasn’t invited I don’t remember, but when I saw them a month later I brought a gift and they opened it right then.

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Usually, but sometimes it can be awkward. Especially if it might not be exactly what they want.

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Yes and yes, but I can see why some folks might feel awkward about it.

However, if you’re not going to open it in front of me, at least say ‘thank you’ and later, after you’ve opened it, you gotta send me a ‘thank for the such and such’ message. Phone, text…whatever.

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