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Why do I keep getting this error "body cannot be empty" when trying to redirect a page on Tumblr?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1819points) June 7th, 2017

I’ve redirected thousands of pages before. I don’t get why it’s not working this time with this new blog I started.

I want to create a page by redirecting specific tags to that page. So for example, my articles about my travels. I tagged them as “travel”, so I have it set so that anything tagged with travel will redirect to its own page titled “My Travels.”

I’ve done this thousands of times before on my other tumblr blogs without any issue.

Now every time I click “Save” this pop-up appears saying “Body cannot be empty”

Excuse my French but what the fuck are they talking about? It’s aggravating me to no end.

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Have you tried entering content in the page that’s displaying the tags?

Type a couple of words, usually they’ll appear above your tagged posts, depending on the theme. That way the body isn’t empty.

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Usually what happens is that after I click Save it just creates a link on my tumblr with what I titled. In this case it would be “My Travels”. If you click on it, it would bring up all my posts tagged with “travel”

You set this up on one page and if you leave the page it asks “Do you want to save before leaving?” But I can’t save.

Also the way it’s set up is that you have an option to choose Standard Layout, Custom Layout or Redirect. So I choose Redirect and there’s only so many boxes to enter the information to create the redirected page. There’s no body to enter information.

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Some things on tumblr are “reputation” based and you can’t do them with new accounts.

one example would seem to be the same as your situation.

If that’s not it, tumblr offers support that could probably look at exactly what you’re seeing.

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Yeah so I forgot to get back to this but after leaving my tumblr blog alone for a while and going back to it, I found that I was able to redirect pages. Like you said and linked above, it’s a reputation based thing. Although it doesn’t seem so much reputation as it is just time. I haven’t followed many people and still hardly have followers and have only written two more posts since then. I guess they give some undefined wait period to see that you’re not spamming.

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