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Trump has said he is willing to testify "under oath". If he does so, would this change your view of whether or not he would be telling the truth?

Asked by rojo (24179points) June 9th, 2017

I guess it comes down to whether or not you would believe his word over that of Comey.

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Some of this is surely going to depend on the content of the testimony Trump gives and whether or not he has any sort of corroborating evidence (like the tapes that may or may not exist). But if it comes down to Trump’s word versus Comey’s, then I have no antecedent reasons that would lead me to trust the former over the latter. Trump has such a casual relationship with the truth that he probably hasn’t even grabbed it by the pussy yet.

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@SavoirFaire and the fact that he was under oath would not affect your opinion?

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@rojo Not if it came down to his word against Comey’s. Remember, Comey was also under oath when he testified this past Thursday. So if Trump and Comey say contradictory things, and if both are under oath, then one of the things I have to consider is which one I think is more likely to lie under oath. In this case, it is Donald Trump.

Of course, saying contradictory things does not necessarily entail that one or the other is lying. While it does mean that at least one of them has their facts wrong (since contradictory statements cannot both be true), there could be an honest difference of memory or interpretation behind the conflict. So then I have to ask myself who I think is more likely to get the facts wrong. And again, it is Donald Trump.

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Can’t add any more or less to what @SavoirFaire just said and I totally agree.

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No, because I don’t think being under oath would affect the likelihood of his telling the truth. I don’t think “truth” has any meaning to him at all.

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Him caring if he were under oath implies a morality that I have not witnessed. Ethics have never been important to him before. Why when he could lie, to help himself, would he suddenly decide to do the right thing?

There is nothing Trump could say/do to gain my trust of his words…..

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Drumpf will not treat the oath as “I have to tell the truth”, but as “People are more likely to believe my lies”.

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I think Trump is a liar and will lie to save himself, no matter what.

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No, it would not. I’m not sure the man is even capable of telling the truth. And he cannot be trusted to keep his word. I’d even go as far as to say duplicity seems to be something he prides himself on. I think swearing an oath is, and would be, absolutely devoid of meaning for him.

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Trump says what he believes will “win” the moment and honesty is not a consideration. Sociopaths believe honesty is for suckers.

Standing outside, Donald Trump lied to the people at his inauguration about the weather.

His own lawyers said they have to meet him in pairs because he’s a habitual liar..

An oath would mean nothing to him.

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I do not believe a word that comes out of the Trump mouth.

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“Mr. President, raise your right hand…, sir….the other hand…...OK…...

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God ??”

“I do….”

BANG !!......Perjury, right out of starting gate…...

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Trump is so self deluded he actually believes he is telling the truth. He is a sociopath.

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I honestly don’t think he’d give any more shits about honesty under oath than he does the rest of the time. He just doesn’t care.

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Trump has destroyed any possibility of being taken at his word. Since his appearance on the scene he has systematically demolished any harmony between himself and the truth. So relentless are his efforts in this pursuit, that he has successfully removed himself from such regions as “benefit of the doubt” and done so to the extent that a mere “good morning” from the man merits a glance at your watch or the “ok” from a fact checker.

We all know the adage “politics are about lying for a living” or “all politicians lie”. But Trump is special; so special in fact as to be unprecedented in any list of politicians I can recognize. The preponderance of evidence directs the needle toward the astonishing likelihood that the man is incapable of discerning the truth.

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I don’t know how this would work in practise. Any bible suffering under the weight of the Trump hand has always spontaneously combusted leaving a pile of ash.

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I would only be interested to hear what he had to say if he were hooked up to a lie detector while doing so, and even then I would have my doubts. If not, I could only imagine that it would be a total BS story. Trump has not one single bit of credibility.

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Maybe he should be subjected to the various techniques spearheaded by the colonial torture pioneer Gina Haspel, whom in February Drumpf promoted to be the CIA’s second in command.

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There is one sure fire way of knowing when Trump is lying, his lips are moving.

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Having made this offer for the TV cameras, he won’t do it. He’ll make excuse after excuse and try to wriggle out of it. I don’t believe it will ever happen/

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^^That is probably very true!^^^

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“Under Oath” means nothing to Trump. He is above all laws. Just ask him.

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He’s a 100% pathological liar—even about testifying. Im sure he will never testify.

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Personally, given the reports on how people were preparing for NATO with Trump, I would be at least mildly interested in seeing how Trump fares a several-hour public hearing—especially one that’s all about him. I’m imagining some internal battle between his reportedly short attention span and his reported interest in any attention directed at himself… How would that showdown play out?

Well, I’m mildly interested in the abstract, anyway. In reality it would probably be confused and self-contradictory and Trump would try to say a lot of words… and like everyone above me, I don’t put much stock in Trump’s relationship with the truth.

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I think Trump is using positive thinking, and is 0% ready to speak under oath. Just listen to what he says and take the opposite.

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One thing that it will do is settle the matter of whether a tape exists of Trump speaking to Comey. Trump has two choices. He can say that the tape exists and then have to produce it, or he has to say the tape does not exist. If he chooses the second option, then Trump better destroy the tape if it exists, because if it ever shows up, he will be guilty of lying under oath.

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Fake news, fake news…..FAKE NEWS !!! When will you people STOP ???

It’s EASY, dammit. Just go open a can of PBR and stare at FauxNews for a couple of days, and you’ll all have the correct information about every conceivable issue clearly and correctly ingrained in your lib-tard heads.

Fair and Balanced, god dammit…...the perfect prescription for what ails us all…..

P.S. Speaking of ‘ails’, I heard some things that steps are being taken to reanimate Roger Ailes.

(Fingers crossed….)

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Fake news. It’s like saying that everything said is a lie.

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I agree with @Jeruba.

Anyway, how can there be any expectation that a person will be more truthful when they are “under oath”? Surely, only the most moral people will be bound by that oath, and such people are already truthful.

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My expectation is that even under oath, he would lie, assuming that (a) he wouldn’t get caught and (b) there’s no way to prove it anyway.

The problem with having a reputation as a liar (as Trump does, and is apparently proud of) is that no one believes you when you actually do tell the truth.

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Oh, come on, people….give the man a chance….

I heard some things that Mr. Trump has sincerely pledged to begin stating ONLY truthful things, beginning either on Wednesday of this week, or possibly a little later…..but no later than sometime in November of 2019. It’s a pledge. Like you use to dust your furniture.

Until then, please be patient.

Anything else you hear in the meantime is pure covfefe….

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@PullMyFinger Please accept my most humble apologeez…

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Thank you, @kritiper . YOU are GREAT, and also BEAUTIFUL.

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YUGELY beautiful!

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Interesting link @Call_Me_Jay. .

As you know, the daily antics of our Tweeter-in-Chief are about 10% amusing, 10% entertaining, and 80% (nationally) embarrassing.

Thanks for posting….

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