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Do you believe that people should just stop answering a Q when you are satisfied that it has been answered sufficiently?

Asked by Kardamom (29123points) June 19th, 2017 from iPhone

I’ve been noticing lately, although this situation seems to have happened a lot even in the past, both here and on Facebook, when one person (not the OP) has decided that the question has been answered to their own satisfaction (or disatisfaction) then everyone else should just stop answering. Even if the Q is asking for opinions and discussion.

Why would you care if the discussion continues? You have the ability to do several things: stop following, stop commenting, hide the post if it’s on Facebook, or just let other people continue to comment without letting it ruin your day.

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I totally agree with you, but some people here think they are above the rest and we should do what they want.
I do notice if they don’t like the question or the discussion they go into attack mode,and do anything to derail it, if you don’t like it ignore it, and simply don’t participate in it.

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I think with social media, nobody can or should be able to control it.

I had someone give me a really hard time yesterday on Facebook. I shared an article with her, on her wall. It was about the country she lives in and the article was from NY Times, unoffensive, basic. The person gave me such a hard time. I recommended for the future (after much commenting publicly and via pm), that she make her settings where things don’t appear on her wall/timeline without her prior approval. You can do that where you can read things but they aren’t shared with others unless you approve. Mine is that way. Instead of the drama, just fix your f’ing settings.

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Let ‘em comment away. Thought that was the whole point of places like this? Even if I post a view they don’t agree with, I still want to hear their views. Unless we want to go the Bill O’liarlly or Rush Limpballs route, and hush people who don’t go along with our little program.

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Well, there you go. Question answered. Shall we move on. ~

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What I hate is when the question has been fully answered, and people start chatting about other things that the question caused us to think of, even with the OP, and someone has to come on and bitch about getting off topic. And you know there is nothing left to say, and the chit chat is the only reason it’s still up. As soon as it stops the thread is dead.

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Me! Me! ^^^^ That would be me! Right @Dutchess_III?

Except, of course, that I came in later (often just a few hours) with every intention of discussing the original Q, but the derailment is so complete that others who have checked in, see that, don’t post and don’t bother to come back.

@Kardamom, did you mean that the asker should just step away when the Q has been answered to their satisfaction? Or that discussion should stop? I thought you meant the former, but I see that others have interpreted it differently, so I am a bit confused.

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Keyword: substance.

I don’t care what people post on a thread and how many posts there are on the thread, as long as the post add substance to the discussion. There could be a heated argument and I still don’t care, as long as people keep the discussion civil and add more ideas to the topic. I don’t think the discussion should stop when there are still rooms for discussion unless the OP wants so. And if they do, they can just step in and say “I have the answer I need. This thread is closed”.

I don’t like reading repeated answers, but there’s no way you can stop people from answering. People can still comment exactly the same thing that has been said before, it happens. It happens more frequently on Facebook since it’s hard to read all the comments and see what has been said, and most people don’t have enough patience to go through so many responses but then again I don’t consider Facebook a good platform for discussion.

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@canidmajor I want to know why some people that are answering a question (not the OP) demand that other people stop posting answers to the question, because they think that the question has been answered enough, or because they don’t want to hear what the other potential answers are, because they don’t want to have any conflicting answers, or they don’t think people should be allowed to give the same answer as someone else did, maybe 10 posts earlier.

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Yes, except on “poll” type questions like this one. I mean here, that I stop answering – not that other people should stop.

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I don’t mind if a Q goes on a bit after being answered. Some of the tangents sometimes are interesting or funny. I don’t like when it drags on just to bash someone. And, when it gets too silly for multiple answers (like more than 10) then it’s enough already.

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I wish some questions would never die. So what if it goes off topic long after the original question has been answered? Especially if the OP is in on the tangent.
We had one question that asked something about cats, or something. Everyone had answered, then we got off on a tangent and through that we found the best answer to the question of all.
Then someone came in and killed it. Haven’t seen it since.

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I agree @Dutchess_III but some people can’t help themselves they are just born party poopers.

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