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Does it help to only have the desktop version of a site on a smartphone and tablet?

Asked by flo (12584points) June 20th, 2017

I have read/heard people “I can’t do somethings on my mobile that I can do on a desktop”, “I can’t post a link”, or “I keep getting error message when I click on link” etc. So, eventhough there is the hardware desktop computer that we can do a lot more than the mobile (the hardware), still could it be also be true that when people use the desktop version on smartphone or tablet they can do the things they couldn’t before?

Also if you’re using a tablet or smartphone do you see the tabs (some call it link) “Mobile” and “Desktop” on any site, and if not, is it iPad or Android or both?

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I use the mobile apps for everything possible. The few times I need to do something on the desktop, I turn on my laptop. I’ve been using a tablet for the vast majority of my computer experience for about 2 years or more. I’m used to the mobile experience.

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@Hawaii_Jake Ok.
1)You’ve never had any problem like error message when clicking on a link on mobile?

2)Do you see the “Desktop” and “Mobile” at the bottom of the Fluther page?

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1) I can’t remember getting any error messages. I use the apps as much as possible, as opposed to the internet browser.
2) Yes, I see that.

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@Hawaii_Jake Yes of course, I wasn’t thinking.

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I think the problems are mainly with the Fluther app since it’s not being developed. Other apps should be fine since developers keep working on them.

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I use the desktop via Safari on my iPad. I like it much better than the mobile version. Very rarely I will fluther from my phone, and then I use the mobile version. I don;t like it.

The local rapid transit system (BART) has a mobile version; when you go to Google in your browser on your phone to find the website, it will ask if you want to go to the mobile version. I always say no, because the mobile version is scaled down in what it offers.

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@zenvelo you use the Desktop version. Ok.

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