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Is it on all smartphones you can't post a link?

Asked by flo (13148points) April 4th, 2018

If so why would that be? If not which ones allow you to post links?

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I can’t cut and paste easily with a smart phone. I could type the link by hand. I would have to write it to a pen and paper first and it would work. If I really need too I could boot up my new chrome book and make a link.

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You can post a link on all smartphones.

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On an iPhone you can cut, copy and paste links or images.

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On most any smart phone you can press and hold the address bar and get options including “select all,” “copy,” and “paste.” You can select all, then copy. Then you can go to wherever you want to paste the link and press and hold again and select paste.

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Ok. There are posts here and there “I can’t post a link on my smartphone”, or “I get a error message I’m on my smartphone” (when the ones on desktop computers don’t get error message)

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People probably just don’t know how to copy and paste on their smartphone and are saying they can’t do it because of that. The ones getting error messages might be a Fluther problem though.

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…oops I mean re. the error message (in my last post), it’s about links that they click on, not when they try to post a link.

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Thanks all.

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