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Is "NRON" a good name for a web 2.0 company?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 24th, 2007

it sounds alot a lite enron - but i like the name "nron"

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I think it sounds way too much like enron--I would definitely steer away from it.

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In general, I agree with sfgal--it's too much like enron.

If it's not secret, it would help to tell us what the company does, as that is an important part of evaluating a name (especially if you have other suggestions).

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we are developing a file sharing system revolved around a WebOS

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Too much like enron -- that's how i'd pronounce it anyway...

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Erin failed don't do it

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I'm with the group on this one. Steer clear.

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if you think that your website can overshadow enron's evil deeds, then go for "nron"
but my suggestion wud be come up wit something more unique and original

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I think it's great. People won't forget it.

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you probably want to stay as far away from names that evoke negative reactions in people’s minds by association, you would never consider naming your company notzee would you?

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you can’t pronounce it, even. why would you want a silly name like that

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