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What would you define as your duty to the state.

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) July 6th, 2017 from iPhone

It’s a broad and somewhat vague question, but it does matter.

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Participate in jury duty.
Pay taxes.
Make my opinion known when I disagree with a policy or law.

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I believe that I do have a duty to my neighbors – to be a good neighbor. Aside from that, I try to be “a better neighbor”, by, for instance, picking up the trash in the road in front of all of our houses (the four or five in my immediate vicinity, that is) that doesn’t “belong” to any of us, and to do that without bitching about how “I’m the only one who ever does this” (though that is true; I just don’t bitch about it).

And aside from that, I go beyond to clearing my next door neighbor’s snow from his driveway and sidewalk, because I’m in relatively good health, and he’s had a heart attack (also, I have a snowblower, and his was stolen a couple of years ago).

But I do not believe that I have a particular duty to the state of Connecticut or to the nation.

In line with my feelings about the neighborhood, I extend those feelings to the broader populace, and I try to contribute in various ways to the betterment of society, but I don’t consider that a particular duty.

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Are you talking about the social contract?

I pay no allegiance to anything. The only thing I really know or practice, for the most part, is the golden rule. But I think I agree with @zenvelo.

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To call out the anti-democratic domination of the government and economics and the media by corrupt corporate elements, and other follies.

And to be generally a good intelligent person who’s not causing problems.

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To get a job and not sit on my parents’ or state’s back.

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