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Did the Polish people actually say "we want God"?

Asked by JLeslie (65324points) July 6th, 2017 from iPhone

Donald Trump gave a speech in Poland today, and when he spoke about Poland overcoming communism he said the people of Poland said “we want God.” My gut reaction is—shit, I’m so tired of the American Christian community promoting the idea that democracy is associated with God. I understand communist leaders usually strip the society of God and religion, but I’m tired of people thinking atheists are communists. Communists might be atheists, but atheists are not communists.

Then I thought to myself, I wonder if the Polish actually did chant or carry signs that said, “we want God,” or did Trump just make that up?

I understand the Catholic Church had a role in freeing Poland from communist rule, so I’m not saying that should not be acknowledged.

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The country is something like 90% Catholic, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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I believe he was referencing Pope John Paul II’s speech from 1977, where the Polish people in attendance did say that. From the small part of the transcript that I saw, he didn’t mention the Pope.

While I cannot speak for the reliability or reputation of the following website, it does seem that the Poles said this .

I, too, do not like that he linked faith to government. Big no-no in my book.

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It makes me feel better that the people actually said it.

Trump did mention the Pope. I’m fine with that, as I said. I think the Pope deserved some credit for helping Poland out of communism.

I like that the Pope today embraces atheists to the extent that this Pope seems to very obviously look at behavior, what we do for each other, to help each other.

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Right now, most of the American media is focused on how Trump needs to be impeached with the 25th amendment —and that he is a mentally incompetent liar, I doubt very little international news is being shown regarding Trump.

But since most Americans will never see what’s happening in Warsaw (at least not in context)—Trump was talking to the Polish people about 1979 when the Polish Pope first had mass with the Polish people— I believe it had something to do with the overthrow of Communism in that country, which was, indeed, very atheistic and oppressive.

Most atheists in Americans believe this is a myth of fundamentalist Christians, but Communism was very oppressive and sent people to prison camps and desecrated churches—and yes, communism was atheistic.

Trump was talking about an historic event in the 1970s in Polish history. Its interesting that the American news media said that Trump was lying.

Americans need to get their news from alternate sources if they really want to know what is going on in the world. You can hear the entire speech and a lot more besides on Fox news. Trump is not as unpopular in the world as you think. Obama forbid Poland from defending themselves but Trump restored their right to a nuclear defense system. Poland has a right to exist and worship as they please.

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@Yellowdog Argeusts believe what is a myth? That the Communist government was oppressive and insisted on atheism? No one I know thinks that’s a myth. I’m an atheist, and I think insisting on atheism is horrible.

What I resent is when I tell someone I’m an atheist, and then they say, “so you’re a communist.” That shit has happened to me more than once, and I find it a really horrible thing that some Christians think this way.

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Pope John Paul II visited Poland, his homeland, in June 1979. Following his speech in Krakow the people chanted “We want God, we want God, we want God in the family, we want God in the schools, we want God in books” so it seems Trump got this right.

Nevertheless Trump’s grasp of history is far too weak for a man in his position and when he refers to history it is in a shallow opportunistic way. In this same speech he described the experiences of Poland and its people during World War II as “that’s trouble” and “that’s tough” which indicates a profound lack of understanding of the subject. It is another illustration of Trump’s unfitness for the role he finds himself in.

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Maybe they thought by chanting we want God, that Trump would go up in flames?

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^^Lol. Trump quoted “we want God” from a time in history in Poland when communism fell. I don’t think the people were chanting it while Trump was there.

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