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Is it too much of a leap to think that most internet trolls display anti-social behavior?

Asked by rockfan (8428points) July 14th, 2017 from iPhone

I know that there’s been studies that say there is a link between internet trolling and anti-social tendencies, but I’m wondering if any of you feel differently?

I was watching a movie review on YouTube and in the comment section someone spoiled War For The Planet of the Apes, and in a very straightforward fashion. It turns out he actually manages his own movie review channel where he acts scincere and even mentions beforehand when he’s going to talk about a spoiler.

I feel like this behavior does come across as anti-social, but I have a feeling that most people who troll like this are simply seeking attention. Your thoughts?

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Some trolls are harmless and just do it to be funny I think. Some are angry, bitter, and bored people who get a kick out of being annoying and seeing how people react. And some are just immature, stupid, and lack creativity. I do think there could be an anti-social trend, but I’m not really well read on this or have given it much thought. Seems you’d have to be totally friendless and reclusive to make a living out of being an annoying internet troll. Who else even has time to bother with it?

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The foxy said it.

I think it depends on a person. Some people just love to joke and mildly annoy people from time to time. Some others are very dedicated towards being as repulsive and infuriating as possible.

I think the ones you refer to may be the second kind.

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What’s your definition of “anti-social”?

To me, it seems like trolling might almost be “anti-social” by definition – it’s a kind of assault on the society it targets, whatever that is, even if it’s just meant as a humorous injection, it’s a counterpoint to whatever the current context of a target is.

But maybe you are referring so some specific definition of anti-social?

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Trolling is one of those things with murky edges, and I often don’t seem to recognize it when others point it out. In former
times, both here and at Askville the accusations of “Troll!” flew fast and heavy. I’m relieved that the accusations have died down, but haven’t a clue as to whether the trolls have gone dormant or nobody cares.

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I am sure that there are a myriad of personality types that enjoy trolling, from bored teenagers/young adults, the class clown types, people drinking or drugging, your average smart ass types, on & on. Sure, maybe some have anti-social tendencies but most are probably just big jerks with little weenies LOL Some personalities just love to debate and stir up trouble for their own amusement.
I do not think you can claim every trollish encounter is anti-social by a long shot.

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There’s a prevalent image of an internet troll – a middle-age guy living in his parents’ basement, sitting in his underwear while surrounded by old delivery-food containers.

I think the reality is very different. Trolls likely aren’t living in their parents’ basements, but with their parents. They’re children.

When I read something online, I tend to impose adulthood on the author. But, many posters are teenagers or younger, and they’re the people with the greatest amounts of time to waste (summer vacation, perhaps?). Much of trolling is just kids who believe they’re hilarious, pulling pranks and then sitting back to enjoy the fallout.

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That might be true for some trolls but not all. Some trolls might be decent kind people in real life but online, they like to stir things up.

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…and some are mentally off, no doubt.

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It’s too much of a leap. Some people just try to be funny and fail. Some are just too dumb. Some people just have unpopular opinion that doesn’t sit well with people and get labelled “troll”.

In the context of the details, specifically, I think the guy was trying to be funny and thought people would catch the joke, as he managed a channel with movie spoilers. It depends on the context.

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