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What is the fastest possible harddrive I can put in a Macbook Pro?

Asked by vekteur (107points) August 12th, 2010

What is the fastest possible harddrive available in terms of RPM that I can put in a 2010 Macbook Pro 15” i7?

Do the 10000 – 15000 rpm SATA drives work – would they overheat or severely decrease battery life?

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SSD or Solid State Drives are by far the fastest drives. They are also expensive.

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Since SSDs are so expensive right now, my question is mainly focused on standard hard drives. Any suggestions?

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7.2k is the fastest physically possible as far as I am aware. The 10k SATA drives (Raptor, etc.) generate too much heat as I understand it. The 10k/15k drives are usually SAS and I believe slightly taller than laptop drives despite being described as coming in a 2.5” form-factor.

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a lightning bolt!

also I hear there is a new “Hybrid” drive from Seagate that has something like a 4 or 8gb flash cache and physical spinning platters. Supposedly the best of both worlds.

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Thanks – very helpful answers.

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SSD (solid state) is the fastest hard drive around and also the most expensive. If you’ve got an extra $800 to drop on a 128GB drive, then go for it!

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