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Should I include Google/YouTube Video Units in my website?

Asked by webmasterwilliam (165points) August 11th, 2008

Since you can now include a YouTube viewer on our website, I am wondering how people feel about it.

1) For webmasters: Has including the adsense video units greatly increased revenues?

2) For surfers: How do you like having YouTube videos on a website? They are pretty bulky, and tend to distract from the website content.

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Are you talking about relevant videos? What is the website?

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I believe google is one of the best for searching for something. I use it for everything. I am defenitely a

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I am talking about adding a box that has YouTube videos. I can pick the content provider, which is the person that has interesting videos, but there really aren’t videos that are relavent to my site, which is At the suggestion of other Fluther contributors, I am doing a total make over, and am wondering if the YouTube video unit should be included.

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Well it seems like adding some random videos to your site wouldn’t improve the services provided very much… Are you just going for page views?

Either way, I vote nay.

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No, your site real estate is precious. Your own videos is a different matter.

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I’ve decided to try the vertical Skyscraper video units. If it doesn’t attract reveue or page views, I’ll remove it. I picked a video provider called “Man in the Box Show” and like how relevent the ads are to both the show and to my website. You can preview it at but please understand that it is currently under development as I am moving the database logic and such into it from

I’d like comments on the video units if anyone feels up to it.

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