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How do I uninstall the Google toolbar?

Asked by HungryGuy (16008points) March 16th, 2010

I went to YouTube yesterday, and suddenly it told me that I’m not allowed to watch any videos unless I download the latest Flash Player. I scratched my head because I already have the latest Flash Player. But I clicked on it anyway, and it took me to the Adobe site where I downloaded it. After it finished installing, what it installed wasn’t a new Flash Player, but the Google toolbar (What ever happened to “Don’t be evil”?). Now, the Google toolbar has a lot of nifty features that I like. If circumstances were different, I’d probably keep it. But considering the way they tricked me into installing it, I want to get rid of it! How?

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Go to control panel, click add or remove programs, select google toolbar, and then click remove. the end.

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Unless it added it to FF add-ons, in which case, Tools>Add-Ons, find Google Toolbar and either click disable or uninstall.

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I want to do more than just disable or hide it. I want it off my system as if I never had it!

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The two solutions above will do just that depending upon where it was installed. I included “disable” as a choice, just in case.

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