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What's your favorite apple? Part II (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19110points) July 30th, 2017

I always thought that you could tell something about the type of apple they like.

There are so many types now.

There are different jellies here now, than when I first posted this question. Old jellies, feel free to come in anyway.

What’s your favorite apple? Why?

Do you hate an apple?

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I like the yellow sweet ones.

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^Golden delicious maybe. Honestly, I figured you for a Granny Smith Loli… My bad….

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I’m a new fan of pink lady. I hate red delicious. The skin is tough and they don’t even taste good.

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Honey crisp. A lot of people must agree, because they charge a fortune for them now. I don’t buy them in protest if they are more than $2.99 a pound, which means I haven’t bought many the last few years.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

For eating Macoun apple. For pies Idared or Empires.

Went to high school in a town with what seemed like a million acres of orchards.

Mimishu1995's avatar

Any red apple will do. I’m a simple person :p or am I?

Sneki2's avatar

None, apples make me fall in a coma and get married with a stranger.

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There are so many good ones now. Honeycrisp. Fuji. Pink Lady. Empire. If I’m hungry and an apple is offered to me, I will take it no matter what kind it is. McIntosh is known to be good for baking, and is a decent apple if you want to eat it plain, too.

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Honeycrisp. And yes, they are terribly overpriced.

PullMyFinger's avatar

Oh, come on… Granny Smiths ??

(Sometimes, you people….I swear…..)

Coloma's avatar

Yep, Honeycrisp for me too. They are like my personalty, sweet but crispy. LOL

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@PullMyFinger I love Granny Smiths! Crisp clean tartness! Smothered in fresh organic almond butter! Mmmmmmm!

Think I’ll have some now!

MrGrimm888's avatar

No Gala fans?...

@Sneki2 . May I offer you an apple?

Soubresaut's avatar

Definitely Granny Smiths! Love that back-of-the-jaw-tingle when they’re just right.

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Fuji or Honey Crisp.

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@zenvelo and @Soubresaut THANK YOU !!

I’ve had some kind of virus over the past two days, and your responses just made my body temp drop by at least two points…..

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@PullMyFinger Hope you feel better soon, in the meanwhile, don’t touch my apples. LOL

Soubresaut's avatar

@PullMyFinger happy to oblige! also I hope you feel better soon!

@MrGrimm888 my sister likes Gala, so I guess I’ll put her vote in here, too!

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I love a Pink Lady, crisp and not too sweet. I also enjoy a nice firm, tart Granny Smith. We have a Pippin tree in the backyard (planted my first year in California, when I was very homesick for the Northeast), and last year my son made a project of harvesting them and making tons of applesauce.

The only time I’ve tasted a Macoun was when a friend brought me one from New York. I never see them in the Bay Area. I thought it was delicious.

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Makes me really want an apple tree. I wonder if there is any chance it would survive and produce fruit where I live? I don’t think it’s cold enough long enough.

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@JLeslie, I didn’t expect mine to do well in Northern California either, so I planted an apple tree more for the comfort of it than the fruit. But we’ve actually taken quite a lot of apples off the tree over these decades, and many more just hit the ground. It’s not the best place to grow apples, no doubt about it, but it’s possible. And the blossoms in the spring are lovely.

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I like Braeburns, do not much care for golden delicious.

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On the sweet to tart scale, I lean
toward sweet. Currenty, my fave is Honey Crisp, but having grown up on Red Delicious I’ll always go for a big ripe sweet one.

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If I’m going to just eat an apple, I want a Macintosh or an Empire. If there is peanut butter involved, a Granny Smith.

For making pie, Granny Smith and Macintosh mix. You have to be careful with the size of the pieces because of the difference in firmness between the two.

My husband likes Fuji and Braeburn. My FIL likes Honey Crisp.

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^Yeah. Empires are great.

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