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My baby wont qualify for madicare, medicaid, chip..... what other insurance can i try, for emergencies like the one we had today?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) August 11th, 2008
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Some states, for example, Florida have programs to insure uninsured children. Go to the state Web site and research it or if you want some help, PM what state you live in.

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You can purchase private insurance. It’s probably less than 2000 a year if you are only insuring one child. You could get it down further, with higher deductibles.

The above is just a guess. Around where I live, family insurance costs $12,000 a year for a large employer. It’s probably $15,000 for a healthy family on the private market. So, maybe my guess is a little low. But, you’ll have to check it out. Do you have an insurance agent you trust to advise you?

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i live in Texas….

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What state do you live in? I ask so I can help you more. I am concerned that a baby has no insurance and I would like to help because I know from experience that children do have emergencies. I have two of my own.

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if he goes to public school they offer insurance not to sure on the details but it is always with a bundle of papers my mom has to look through

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Why don’t you sell your MacBook and iTouch to help finance your child’s well-being?

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because i can pay, but everyone needs an insurance!!!! you dont have to be rude!

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2late2be. Does your child not qualify for CHIP because you have too many assets or because you make too much money? Or, are you concerned about immigration issues? I ask because CHIP in Texas does not take the parents’ immigration status into account. This website also has more information on securing health insurance in Texas.

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You can always check to see if there are free clinics on your area.

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I don’t know but would Texas Health Insurance be any help to you and your baby?

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Also here in Michigan we can go to the Department of Human Services and they have helped people with no Health Insurance maybe that can be an option for you if Texas has that kind of services.

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Just so everyone trying to help understands, “CHIP” is Texas’s children’s medicaid program.

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I guess I’m confused/ You say you want insurance.,You buy insurance if not covered by your employment OR are covered by a program with no cost to you. I’m not clear on CHIP but sounds like a program to cover indigent families. Every hospital is required to treat any person in the ER regardless of their ability to pay. HJwever that is so widely abused the hospitals will do what ever they can to get some money for the treatment.

I agree with CameraObscura, if you can pay, go buy an insurace policy for your family.

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I’m sorry Cardinal, but do you have any evidence to support this notion that “indigent” patients “widely abuse” the requirement that hospitals care for all who pass through their doors?

If there is any evidence of such abuse, what percent of overall health spending does it amount to?

Your statement sounds to me like one of those beliefs held by a number of people who think it sounds likely, but who have only anecdotal evidence to back them up.

I’ve worked in the field of health policy for over a dozen years, and I never saw any evidence that a people were deliberately taking advantage of the uncompensated care system. Hospitals have huge bureacracies designed to get everyone to pay. I suggest you look at data about bankruptcies in this country. Health care spending is, by far, the largest cause of bankruptcy. People are not being dishonest in their dealings with the health care system. They simply can’t afford it.

Fraud, if that’s what you’re thinking of, comes from another source. Crooked doctors and hospitals and crooked insurers, and scam artists team up to submit fraudulant bills for procedures that were never provided for illnesses that never existed. But in general, fraud is not nearly the problem that lack of care is. People delaying or avoiding health care because they think they can’t pay for it eventually ends up costing all taxpayers far more than a few patients deliberately not paying for care.

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@Daloon. As a doctor, I have a lot of experience with this, and I will say that Cardinal is right and wrong. Indigent patients do in fact represent a significant portion of ER visits, many times for routine issues but also many times for issues that have become extraordinarily serious owing to lack of primary care. Where Cardinal is wrong is the notion that this amounts to “abuse”. Most indigent patients have no other options, and many wait so long for fear of the huge costs associated with their visits that they arrive with advanced manifestations of disease that are significantly more difficult to treat.

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Thanks, shilolo. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although, don’t forget that more and more middle income people are entering the ranks of the uninsured, and are also unable to pay their bills, making them “indigent.” I hate that term, if you hadn’t guessed.

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Try this.

Shame on those of you who said she needed to sell things to buy insurance. She is only 9 weeks pregnant. Is she not allowed to have anything but the baby to make you happy? Read the question again. She is asking advice on what insurance she can get on her own, not looking for a handout. This kind of judgmentalism really makes me angry. You have no idea what her circumstances are.

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Meh. If you look around you’ll see there is some cause for concern.

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Care to show me where to look? I’m too busy at work to go on a witch hunt just now. Show me where I am wrong, and I will apologize, but it seems I have missed her trial.

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@Camera. Perhaps you should sell your laptop to pay for a course in English writing? Making obscure references in a single sentence post doesn’t help make your point.

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shilolo to the rescue!!

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@shilolo, there’s no devastating point I was attempting to make so let’s not try to turn my single sentence into something it was not. I edited my answer because posting it is a lose/lose situation for me and ultimately will not change anything. If you’re truly interested I can private message you.

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