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Does anyone know the name of this animated movie?

Asked by AlexChoi (305points) August 11th, 2008

An animated film with a teddy bear owned by a little girl in which the doll has jewels sewn inside of it. Anyone know?

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Reminds me of The Rescuers. A 1977 Disney movie, starring two mice rescuing a little girl named Penny. The villain, Madame Medusa, forces Penny to retrieve a diamond from an ancient pirate cache for her, and she hides the diamond inside of the little girl’s teddy bear.

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I thought of the Rescuers too. Here‘s a link to check.

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Third on The Rescuers. In the movie (major spoilers), Penny, the young girl, has to drop down into a tidal cave and recover a diamond for the antagonist. She thwarts her initially, however, by hiding the gen inside of her stuffed bear, which I believe is the scene you’re thinking of.

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Thanks! That is the answer I was looking for!

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