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What is the limit to how many toppings are on a pizza?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) September 8th, 2017

Next time I order out I am wondering if I can order a medium or large pepperoni lovers pizza with 3X pepperoni . What is the most toppings that you have had on a pizza? Did it taste ok? Would I like it? Also If I order a veggie lovers pizza does it count towards my vegetable food servings?

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The only limit to what you want on a pizza is what you are will ing to spend.

The more you put on top, though, the more difficult it becomes to cook it properly. The bottom will be done to the point of being cardboard, while the top of the dough is still not cooked and is gooey dough.

Yes, you can count veggies on a pizza os one serving towards your daily five servings of vegetable goals. But the rest of your pizza counts as three days of calories, carbohydrates, and dairy.

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@zenvelo I will stick to one extra toppings at a time. Thanks for the pizza info

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For me, it’s all about avoiding taste bud overload, so I prefer minimal toppings or none at all. My favorite single topping is pepperoni, but I’m always happy with just plain cheese, sometimes with black olives added. For my taste, a really good cheese pizza.—i.e., good cheese, good crust—doesn’t need additional flavor enhancement.

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The topping on my pizza…
Is another pizza!

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I made the massive mistake of making a homemade pie with too-thick crust and too many veggie (so, wet) toppings.

The thing fell apart in the oven. I was so disappointed.

That was clearly too much.

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The veggie toppings should be thin slices and par-cooked. That helps to get the moisture out.

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The limit is whatever the restaurant has.

Lately I’ve preferred veggie lovers (but no tomatoes.)

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Ok I ordered a triple pepperoni pizza. And the $5 extra three pizzas with one pepperoni toppings each. Will see if i can tell the difference. Next time I will add a tomatoe topping.

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Wow! I’ll be there in a few minutes!

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Oh wait. You meant is there a limit to the amount of topping one could put on a pizza. I wouldn’t think so, if you’re willing to pay the cost.

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@Patty_Melt If you can make it to Red Deer in the next 45 minutes I will share.

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Wishing myself a transporter.

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Triple pepperoni is too much. Normal pepperoni lovers is good enough for now. Am full. Will try normal pepperoni later tonight.

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Feels good to be full.

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uh, that is what she said.

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The limit is subjective and varies greatly, as anyone who has witnessed a Chicago deep dish pizza can attest.

@ragingloli I have a friend who makes pizza sandwiches out of two pizzas… two entire pizzas (well, smallish frozen ones, but still).

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All you need is peperoni and pineapple.

I will show myself out. And pineapple is fantastic on a pizza. Die in a fire haters.

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It is the limit as z approaches infinity of the volume where the radius is z and the height is a.

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To reduce @Pinguidchance ‘s formula to practical effect, you need to be able to still hold a slice in one hand and put it in your mouth. Never have so much topping to force you to use a fork.

@johnpowell agree on the Pineapple, prefer Canadian bacon to pepperoni.

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Triple pepperoni pizza? That’s got to be like a week’s worth of salt in one slice.

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@Darth_Algar : ) yes just an experiment. .my other pizzas are single pepperoni more toppings isn’t better. Double pepperoni lovers is good enough for now.

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To reduce @Pinguidchance ‘s formula to practical effect, you need to be able to still hold a slice in one hand and put it in your mouth. Never have so much topping to force you to use a fork.

The volume of a pizza with height a and radius z is pizza.

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