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Are there any superstitions that you follow?

Asked by tedibear (18436points) August 12th, 2008

For example, do you toss salt over your shoulder when you spill some? Do you consider saying, “Bless you,” after someone sneezes to be polite or superstitious?

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anytiing “super” makes me a bit skeptical. Except the superball.

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Hmm, not really. I believe that stuff like that is a waste of time, but that’s just me. I think that the time spent doing superstitious acts could be better spent. I don’t think that something bad will happen because you break a mirrior, besides the fact that you just broke your mirror [and other things of that sort]. I do believe that things happen for a reason, but not for ridiculous reasons like that.

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I do superstitious things for fun; I don’t really think it will effect any outcome. I do the salt thing, I tell people not to open umbrellas indoors, I don’t walk under ladders (these last two seem more like safety issues than anything else), etc.

Who’s to say someone’s “lucky charm” doesn’t work; if they think it does, it just might.

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My wife follows Catholicism and I practice Narcissism. Seems to work for us.

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Before every baseball game, I have the exact same dress and warmup routine.

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You wear a dress?

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Cute, AC.

My routine for getting dressed and warming up is exactly the same.

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I’m with tiny – I don’t actually believe in superstitions, but it’s kinda fun to follow them anyway (and to make other people follow them!)

The only ones I really stick to with any regularity are the ones that come from working in the theatre – don’t whistle in the theater, don’t say “Macbeth” while you’re working on the show, etc. It’s especially fun when someone else whistles in the theater, and you get to make them go outside, turn around three times and spit! ;)

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For some reason, I always do the salt thing, and I do knock on wood…I don’t beleive in either, but it’s too ingrained to stop now! Bless you after a sneeze is just polite. Though it seems in this age of science, a more “PC” phrase might need to be invented.

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I just say “salud.”

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Me too astro.

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I eat the cookie before I read my fortune.

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Not with the fortune inside, I hope. That would invite bad luck.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I poop out my fortune and then read it like tea leaves.

dude, you’re funny.

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I always, for as long as I can remember, have kissed my hand, then touched the roof of my car whenever I pass through a yellow light – or even a flashing yellow light.

I have no idea what this means or does, but it’s become a natural reaction for me. People ask me all the time why I do it and I honestly don’t have a reason.

I also wish on stars and make a wish when my necklace’s clasp touches the pendant before turning it around…

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A hat on the bed: NEVER!

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Quick, please, someone give me some lurve, I’m begging my lurve count is at 6@6 (you are bright people you can figure out the middle number, I can’t bring myself to type it)....I just can’t leave my count at that…..please help me

Does that answer your question? :0P

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There, Marissa, is that better?

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Thanks tedibear, I feel soooo much better :0)

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When driving I beg forgiveness from Saint Amber (scratch the sunvisor while passing under a yellow light).

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