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When using a tablet, have you ever not been able to sign on with just the mobile version?

Asked by flo (10479points) 2 months ago

But signing in no problem after clicking on Desktop?
I’m not asking about Fluther, it could be any site that has a Desktop version.

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So you’re saying, the “Mobile” (app) version does not work on the mobile device, but the “Desktop” via a browser works fine, on the same mobile device?

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Yes on the same mobile device.
Whenever I use the tablet, before absolutely anything, I click on Safari app, or Chrome app, it gives me Google, I search for, (not iFluther) mobile version shows up by default, most of the time. Signing in hasn’t been a problem either way, Mobile version or Desktop version (except a few months ago when everyone was having a problem posting a question (OP) and a few other things) But on the day that I posted this question I coudn’t sign in on the Mobile version. I tried a few times. I switched to Desktop, no problem.

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