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What do you think about that memo made to hilary clinton?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) August 12th, 2008

there was a memo made to hilary clinton from her top advisers advising her to attack obama on his “Americaness” and about how far his roots go and if it would be a good sign for the American people to have a president who isnt even that “American” when it comes to background and ethnicity.

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I think it summarizes why I worked for Obama in the primary elections instead of the Clintons.

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well dirty politics is in every political camp,dont you think,i mean getting to the top means you’d hafta do some pretty unfavorable things,think about lobbyists,under the table deals,this and that ya know

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There’s something dishonorable going on in every campaign. Agreed.
But Mark Penn did something heinous here. He sought to paint Obama as un-American, after all he has done for this country and all he plans to do. It’s something I would expect from the GOP camp — not from within the party.

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I think this whole hillary or obama is really hurting the democratic party and we just need to reunite, we are all fighting for the same thing

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haha,yea tell that to the hardcore hilary supporters and her advisors

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Even Obama has become too much a typical politician. I want the man of courage I saw before. Hilary has always been a real political animal. It was clear she, and Bill, would do almost anything to get her elected. It made me sad.

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my mom is a hillary supporter (only one in the family) and she refuse to but the Obama sticker on her car, she will vote for him but not flaunt about it

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