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Who do you think Obama will/should pick for VP?

Asked by aisyna (968points) August 12th, 2008

what are your thoughts on obama picking a VP?

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Jim Webb.

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Btw, search first. One and Two.

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well id appreciate it if people naming the running mates give a slight detailed background of the people and how they contribute to the Democratic party as well as the nation,their pros and cons if ya guyz dont mind,thanks

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I think it’s between Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards.

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Oh, how interesting. I didn’t know Bill Richardson was on the list. He was my pick over a month ago. He represents the West and Hispanics; he has campaign experience; and he’s he’s pretty good on the issues, as far as Dems are concerned. Well, I’m glad to see he’s on the list. It shows me that the Obama campaign knows what they’re doing.

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I agree with you 100% daloon. Also, John Edwards doesn’t want to run as vice president. He’s already said that he would not accept the position if asked.

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John Edwards does not stand a chance after the revelations about his affair, with more to come apparently.

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Damn, Chuck. Looks like you’re down to Eliot.

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Is Eliot out of prison????

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It’s a damn shame. In all seriousness, I had a lot of respect for both until we found out how honest they turned out to be. I really thought both had much to contribute to our party and our country. What a disappointment.
I do like Richardson, though. Hope he isn’t hiding some honey somewhere!

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I’m guessing he’ll pick Evan Bayh (D-IN). He was Gov. of Indiana. He knows foreign policy. He supported Clinton, but wasn’t ugly about it and now he is being seen w/ Obama a lot. When asked what they talk about, the answer is sports and family. I think and Obama-Bayh ticket would be very powerful.

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@hoteipdx; Bayh originally supported the war in Iraq, whereas Barack has (in many peoples opinion) based his campaign off his disapproval of the war since the beginning. I don’t see it happening.

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Stephen Colbert

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Doesn’t Richardson also have some pretty hefty foreign-policy cred?

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i think he would pick John Stewart before Colbert

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If Spitzer is still in jail, I would like to see him pick General Wesley Clark.

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I predict tomorrow morning, 8:30 Eastern Time, he will send out the mass email/text message announcing Joe Biden as his running mate. It’s as good a pick as any to be honest.

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i signed up for the text/ email thing. why do u think it will be tomorrow???

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and is that am or pm

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830 AM, Thursday August 21st. And I stick to my list, though Biden is possible….

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I was thinking AM, came and went. I suspect he’ll do it Thursday instead. Biden did however say yesterday it’s not him. I have no idea now…I really don’t think it will be Bayh, but I could be wrong. I am almost certain it won’t be Clinton. I don’t think he wants to go with someone with little experience as that’s the major critique of him. My best guess now is Tom Daschle.

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I thought he was going to announce it at the NAtinal convention, just because it is going to be the 40th anniversry of MLK i give a dream spech, so i thought he would save it for then just to have somthing to keep his speech memroble

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I look at it htis way. First, re: Biden, his comment was I guess off the cuff, no one’s really counting him out, so I’m still thinking it will be Biden. What we do know is it won’t be Clinton because he’s said he wants his pick to be someone who’s in politics for the right reasons. I also don’t think he’s going to want to put a less experienced person who might be more “exciting” on the ticket…he brings enough excitement to the ticket by himself, so much so that he’s criticized left and right by McCain about being all flash and no substance…he needs someone that the skeptics will see as “seasoned” particularly on foreign policy. Biden just seems to fit the bill.

As for the timing, the smartest thing he can do is to dominate a full news cycle (the morning pre-work news circuit, the morning rush hour radio news circuit, the evening rush hour radio news circuit and the evening news in particular. It either makes sense for him to make his announcement around 8:30am eastern time so that it hits right in the middle of the morning news cycle on the east coast and right at the very front end of the rush hour on the west coast…it give everyone a full day to buzz about it at the water cooler, and then is still the top story on the evening news that night. Either that or he should do it about 5:30pm eastern time, so it breaks right at the begining of the evening news/in the middle of rush hour on the East coast and hits right before the start of rush hour on the west coast, then it gives the morning news programs time to prep for it to be the biggest story of the following day.

So, that leaves him 3 options, either 5:30ish this afternoon, 8:30ish tomorrow morning, or 5:30ish tomorrow afternoon. Those would be the STRONGEST times for him to announce, though technically it could come as they say “at any moment”. There’s something to be said for letting the suspense build as long as possible though, if they truly have a leakproof ship (and it appears they do), they’ve got everyone talking about it now, the fact that his annoucement is imminent has been near the top of the headlines almost every day since he said he was going to email and text it to his supporters, and the longer he waits, the more frenzied the speculation becomes.

For that reason, it might make sense for him to wait until 5:30 tomorrow evening. Thing is, he’s not going to want to wait until Friday morning, because come Friday afternoon, people are thinking of the weekend. The period between noon Friday and when the pundits hit the air on Sunday morning is a black hole for news coverage…that’s where you dump news you want to bury. Plus, he knows the news coverage from Friday afternoon through the Sunday morning talk shows will be all about him and his running mate and their Saturday appearance together, so he probably achieves maximum coverage by waiting until tomorrow afternoon.

The only way I can see him not doing it to maximize news coverage is if something about his pick is newsworthy enough to keep people talking anyway (like say, selecting a woman not named Hillary).

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You do have a point, but i think if he wanted the best time it would have been when he was on vacation, that way he could still be out of the public eye but still all over the news with announcing his runningmate. And i guess as far as media goes he will already have enough media going on during the Convention to where he wont need to do anything else except be Obama to get media covrage.

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I think the only reason he didn’t need to do it over his vacation was that he did while on vactaion send out the email that said he would be making his announcement to supporters via email and text message…that built the intitial buzz….had he played his hand then, all anyone would be talking about was “now who’s McCain gonna pick”. He essentially controlled the table by waiting.

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