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What do you make of Birmingham Southern College cutting tuition in half?

Asked by JLeslie (56038points) September 16th, 2017 from iPhone

Here’s the information.

It says they are lowering their published price, but then talks about scholarships and government money that was already lowering the price for students. So, is it just marketing bullshit? Some sort of financial game?

Are other schools doing this? Will it in the end bring down prices?

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The article you linked seems to say that mainly the college is saying they are lowering the listed price but not so much the actual tuition they are bringing in:

“College officials said BSC is able to reduce tuition without sacrificing education because more than 90 percent of students don’t pay full price already. BSC is generous with merit aid, and many students receive need-based financial aid and private scholarships, the college said.”

That is, they had a $35,840 listed tuition, but most students were not paying that much due to their various discounts etc. Sounds like that was getting unbalanced and probably deterring students into thinking it was more expensive than it actually was.

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