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Is there anything wrong with interracial relationships?

Asked by YoungQuestioner (16points) September 17th, 2017

Why are people against it?
What are reasons it’s okay, and what are reasons it isn’t?

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Is there anything wrong with interacial relationships?
No, unless there is something else wrong with a relationship, which might include some racist motivations. Such as, racist thinking driving someone to get a sexual relationship with someone of a particular race, objectifying the other person and messing with them and creating an awful relationship, if/when that happens (i.e. in no way do I mean to say that is usually the case).

Why are people against it?
Racist thinking, usually. Often it is insecure racist thinking of people fearing their children/spouses/partners/potential-partners/community/etc will mix and/or be “lost” to them or “contaminated” or “brought down” in one way or another. Afraid of the loss of their community as they know and think about it.

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Who you have a relationship with is your own private business and ‘people’ should respect that.

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NOTHING whatsoever. If those involved are happy who is to judge?

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Not at all. If you are happy together then that is all matters.

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Nothing “wrong”—as if being with one you loved were even a matter of right and wrong, which it’s not—and nobody’s business but the couple’s.

I long for a utopian time when society, religion and government cease needing to even ask, let alone debate, this question.

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Who cares? Honestly…I really don’t see the issue. Yes, I recognize that there are people that still believe that races should be kept separate, but I don’t understand why. Now, that being said, I do have a caveat to what @flutherother posted. Your relationships touch those around you. If those around me have an issue with my relationships, we can deal with that. If it is that I choose to be with someone of a different race, the answer is “get over it”. But there are other aspects of people which oftentimes those around you see, but you, being in the relationship, do not. For example, my daughter chooses the biggest douchebags on the planet to be attracted to. So she tells us she is in a relationship with a guy and we meet him. He doesn’t work, doesn’t drive, has a criminal past, is addicted to drugs. While their relationship might technically be their own private business, I cannot respect that. Because I love my daughter (and we have a relationship as well), I have to speak up about my concerns with the guy she chooses. My experience in life tells me that he is a douchebag now and will always be a douchebag. Getting involved with him will only get you in trouble. This is all based on a true tale and yes, he did end up getting her life all screwed up. And because of our relationship with the daughter, we are now involved in trying to help her get her life back on track. So her relationship choices stopped being her own private business and, in fact, never really were because of the relationships she has with others.

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Hell, I think they should be encouraged.

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Hope not.
I’m white, girlfriend is not.
So far so good.

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Is there anything wrong with interracial relationships?

No, I’ve been in one for 30 years, three kids and two dogs.

Why are people against it?

Centuries of ingrained institutionalized racism.

What are reasons it’s okay, and what are reasons it isn’t?

Like most other relationships, it’s ok when both parties feel that the sum of the parts is better than the whole; when there’s the emotion called “love’ involved; when there are common feelings and goals.

It’s not OK when either party thinks the challenges of the interracial aspect of the relationship outweigh any or all other reasons for the relationship.

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The only thing “wrong” is that it is destined to bring out the bias in those opposed to it.

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Well, if the family biases toward one race, the children may lose touch with the customs or language of other race. In Calif, I see half-Asian kids unable to speak the language of their Asian parent. I suppose it could swing the other way, and the kids would lose touch with their “whiteness” (whatever that might mean).

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There is nothing wrong with “interracial” marriages.

As for why someone might be concerned about an interracial marriage, there is a variety of reasons. It might be due to being a bigot, not understanding that we are all the same species, having to deal with abuse from bigots, worrying about how their offspring will be accepted in society, cultural differences, etc.

As for reasons it is okay is simple. There is no reason why two people who love and respect each other shouldn’t, no matter what their skin colours are. They need to go through the same considerations as any other couple.

The more interracial couples there are, I suspect that it will result in society reducing their negative judgement on the topic.

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