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Does anyone here have experience with transporting a dog across country?

Asked by canidmajor (13435points) September 23rd, 2017

Have you heard of or used the services of a transport company to transport a pet some distance? I know how to Google, and I know that as a last resort I could go there and bring the dog back, but I am looking for testimonials of companies that do this, or alternative ideas.
Thank you.

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I do not but my suggestion is try contacting a local animal rescue. There may be someone who is willing to do this for you for a fee or donation. I have friends that do animal rescue for local dog groups and they coordinate legs of trips to get animals from the southeast to the northeast and stuff like that.

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Are you buying a pup from a breeder? They will usually arrange the transportation. Unfortunately, I don’t have direct experience of this.

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@jca, yes, some of the rescue groups may do a private transport, but I was looking for names of any group or service that is known to do this.

@janbb alas, no, that would be too easy. This is for an abandoned senior dog. But you have given me the idea to contact a couple of breeders that I know here to see what they can suggest. thanks!

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And @jca, thanks, the local folks might indeed know. I’m sorry if I sounded ungracious, this is all tied up with an awful situation.

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Well, I’ve been burning up the internet over the last hour, and just got the good news that the dog has found a home. This is a good thing, and one positive note in a dire situation.

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It’s ok, @canidmajor. I’m glad the dog found a home.

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