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Of the 5 senses of sight,hearing,taste,smell and touch,what is your one must have in choosing a mate?

Asked by Inspired_2write (8197points) September 25th, 2017

As an example:
wouldn’t a tactile person appreciate and therefore be more comfortable with another whom values the same sense.
Two affectionate people would feel better.
Sight would be the first indicator as looks of another take precedent.
Taste would be the taste of a first kiss.
Smell would be the natural smell or aroma of a person that attracts.
Sound would attract someone who loves the sound of another’s voice as that would be important to him/her.
Maybe that is one criteria on dating sights that is used in determining compatibility?

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Hearing. It’s the quickest way to find out what he’s really like.

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Hmm… odd question.

My wife is deaf, and has no sense of smell. What attracted me to her was her cheerful attitude, her giving heart, and her kindness.

I don’t know that any of that is sensory related.

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That is a very interesting take on this question. @Filmfan. So what attracted her to you? Could you ask her?

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I think she was attracted to me because of my sensitivity to deaf issues (I already knew sign language), my love for silent movies, and my stability.

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I will choose it based on personality whether it resonates with me or not.

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I guess hearing. I need to know if I am compatible with a girl. Communication is key also.
I guess I need to hear what a possible SO says…

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Sight is important to me in choosing a partner. Just a little more important than the sound of their voice.

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In the end, @imrainmaker, personality trumps all. I think the question refers to initial attraction, before you actually know them.

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initial attraction is what I was looking for to determine If that first inclination is the basis of finding a compatible partner..something
in common and required.

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