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Where is the best place to get stock photography for the best price?

Asked by bridold (638points) August 13th, 2008

I know a lot of you are designers out there. Where do you get your stock photography? How much does it cost you?

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I use Flickr and it’s free :)

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Unless you get permission, using Flickr is called stealing, and it’s not good stealing either. I use iStockphoto. It’s all very reasonable. If you buy lots, they have a subscription plan.

Skyrail's avatar is a nice site, it’s free and there’s a good range, not quite as quality or as big as iStockphoto but they’re affiliated with another stock photo site and there is some really good stuff there. Look underneath each photo to see how they can be used, most photos can either be used there and then or you just have to contact the original photographer, besides that it’s all cool :)

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Veer seems resonable.

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Veer is great too.

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Veer is amazing, actually.

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@richardhenry: Actually, Flickr offers creative-commons licensed search. Familiarize yourself with the terms of a creative commons license. A lot of photos on Flickr are free to use, even for commercial purposes.

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Many pictures uploaded to Wikipedia are public domain. You can check by reading the copyright information under the picture after clicking. For example, this self-portrait of Van Gogh is public domain.

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@richardhenry it depends on what license the uploader has defined.

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Great answers, thanks… Keep them coming!

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@tonedef: Zing! Good point. I didn’t realise you could specifically search for licensed photos. In that case, good suggestion.

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I use istockphoto and have used them for a couple of years now. you can also look in the US government archives for public domain photos and definitely check out the Prelinger Archives.

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DeviantART has a great rang of stock photography that is free to use

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Veer, though it’s been mentioned… and gettyimages is amazing to boot.

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Thanks, everyone!

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NBC is using Getty Images in the US to show the still images for the olympics

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