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Should I order Blu-Ray or DVD version of a film?

Asked by janbb (60675points) September 28th, 2017

I have a Blu-Ray player downstairs and a regular DVD player upstairs. Would i be able to play either format of a film on each player or should I get the DVD format?

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DVD will play on a Blu-ray player but not the other way round.

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Some movie releases have both a DVD and Blu-Ray disc.

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@Tropical_Willie The one I want to buy offers each at a separate price.

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The ones I’m talking about have separate prices for DVD and Blu-Ray but a combo for only a couple of dollars more.

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DVD so you can watch from both players.

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DVD’s can be played on both your players however films or TV shows released on Blu-ray since 2006 are usually of better quality than DVD. The quality of some older films isn’t much better on Blu-ray than DVD.

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This one doesn’t so I ordered the DVD version. I could have bought it streaming for less but want to be able to lend it too. Thanks all.

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@flutherother “The quality of some older films isn’t much better on Blu-ray than DVD.”

And some older films are absolutely stunning on Blu-Ray. Usually it’s more a matter of how the particular release was handled (in terns of transferring, mastering, etc) than anything to do with the age of the movie, as film has pretty much always captured in high definition (it’s only been relatively recently that home video technology has actually progressed to a point where we can display films in such quality on out TVs).

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@Darth_Algar You are right and that’s good to hear, I just meant that not all older films are stunning on Blu-ray and you have to be more careful.

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I buy DVDs since they are less expensive. I do not see enough difference in the two formats that I would pay extra for Blu-Ray. I have a machine that plays both DVDs and Blu-Rays. The only films I own on Blu-Ray are some that I could not find on DVD.

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