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What does it mean when the guy you like always stares at you but rudely texts you?

Asked by bellalegnard (23points) October 9th, 2017

My crush always stares at me and he is always trying to find ways to be around me and show off, but when I texted him he rudely responded.

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That he is too young to date. Give him a few years, maybe he will grow out of it.

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You could be imagining it. Or you could be annoying him by looking at him all the time. I’d say the text is most telling.

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Agree. ^^^

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He’s a douche.

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Truth is, the only way to know is to ask him.
Everybody around here will have an opinion based on nothing but conjecture

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@cheebdragon She could be the douche. If she’s doing what I did in middle school, always sneaking peeks at him, thinking he didn’t notice…well, he probably did notice. And so does this guy. Now if a guy was always furtively looking at a girl or a woman, we’d call him a douche.

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