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What does it mean when the guy you like always stares at you but rudely texts you?

Asked by bellalegnard (23points) 2 months ago

My crush always stares at me and he is always trying to find ways to be around me and show off, but when I texted him he rudely responded.

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That he is too young to date. Give him a few years, maybe he will grow out of it.

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You could be imagining it. Or you could be annoying him by looking at him all the time. I’d say the text is most telling.

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He’s a douche.

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Truth is, the only way to know is to ask him.
Everybody around here will have an opinion based on nothing but conjecture

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@cheebdragon She could be the douche. If she’s doing what I did in middle school, always sneaking peeks at him, thinking he didn’t notice…well, he probably did notice. And so does this guy. Now if a guy was always furtively looking at a girl or a woman, we’d call him a douche.

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