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Are you enjoying the latest Trump embarrassment? Ivana (wife #1) is in a spat with Melania (wife #3).

Asked by elbanditoroso (33226points) October 9th, 2017

Does this Trump family have no class at all?

I get that Ivana is trying to sell her new book, but why is Melania reacting? And apparently Marla Maples (wife #2) is somehow getting into the fray.

How does this reflect on the American way of life?

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Ah, the American way! Pistols at 20 paces! Film at 11!

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Heard nothing of it.

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It is funny. I first heard of this here.

Keep in mind I spent a good 30 minutes thinking Ivanka (the daughter) was the one that said she was first lady. This seemed totally normal to me. I thought it was something that could happen and I did not question it.

Only later did I realize it was Trumps actual first wife.

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For an elite, wealthy family, they’re pretty close to classless trash. I understand the wives being odd. They are all prostitutes, of one form or the other. Still waiting for Trump to get divorced again, so he can marry his daughter. And no, that will not cause his supporters to think ill of him…

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Attention whores.

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At this point, I’m just grateful we aren’t in a nuclear war.

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It is the United States of America and its citizens who should be embarrassed for allowing Trump and his extended family into the White House. The Trumps themselves are shameless but they are an embarrassment to the country.

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The Trumps as first family are like some malicious reworking of the Beverly Hillbillies. But I can’t build up the steam to ridicule Trump’s wives or kids who are to my mind more or less his victims or creatures deformed through their proximity to him.

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The Beverly Hillbillies were decent folks who made their money honestly unlike the modern day Clampetts lodged in the White House. I’d much rather we had this than what we’ve got.

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I get a kick out of contrasting the Donald with Jed Clampett, since both are protagonists in ridiculously improbable fantasies about folks landing in situations about which they haven’t a clue. There’s Jed in his mansion assuming that the estate swimming pool is the “seement pond for waterin the critters” while Trump equates domestic tranquility with the persecution of Muslims and Mexicans. Trump could easily
be Jed were Jed all about “puttin on airs” and scammin folks. I agree that Jed Clampet would make a much better President than the gold plated dishonest turd we’re stuck with.

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I’d love to see Jed Clampett chase Trump from the White House at gunpoint.

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To answer the question, no; I’m not enjoying it. I don’t think Melania should have replied at all to Ivana. It makes Trump feel, I suppose, like women are fighting over him. Even Brooke Shields turned down a date with him since she had a boyfriend. That’s what I call class.

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Oh yeah? Well Rush done said yer all a bunch of commie sochlists what ain’t got no right to say ill of our presdent. Not like he’s that Mooslim Obammer feller. Going home to the trailer now, so’s I kin beat my cousin, er, my wife if’n she ain’t got my vittles ready. Why do demoncrats hate Amerka?

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I just wish they were all gone from the White House; then I wouldn’t give a damn what they were doing.

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I’m sure all his wives are as shallow as a puddle. The only time I pay any attention to them, is if it’s embarrassing Trump.

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Push the button. No! No! Not that one!

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